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Tome na Sanner Wii






Release Dates

02/08/10 Konami
08/04/09 Konami
01/01/10 Konami

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Tomena Sanner - Summary

Business man Hitoshi Susumu is behind schedule and is in quite a rush. In fact, he won't stop once he starts to run! Dashing past samurai, T-Rexes, cowboys, and all manner of wacky obstacles Mr. Susumu must get to the goal as fast as he can for ultimate 2D dance party.

Tomena Sanner is a high speed side-scrolling action game that features a unique timing based control system that is as challenging as it is fun. As you fly, jump, and dance over the many zany obstacles players need to time their moves to keep their speed up and perform awesome tricks. With an esoteric and oddball sense of humor Tomena Sanner will keep you guessing what the next obstacle will be as well as what commentary will be said on the tickers that run on the top and bottom of the screen.

Using just one button, players of all ages and skill level will be able to play the game and help Mr. Susumu get to his goal. Four players can compete to see who is the fastest at running through the bizarre and comical world of Tomena Sanner.


  • One Button Controls - Easy to learn controls.
  • 9 Levels - Race through the Moon, a jungle, a city, and more.
  • Endless Level Mode - Keep going as long as you can hold out for the ultimate high score!
  • Turbo Mode - Try you talents in this super high speed mode.
  • Online Ranking - High scores can be uploaded to see your worldwide ranking.
  • It's all about the funny! - Enjoy different comical reactions to Susumu's actions.

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Opinion (3)

Tizona posted 09/07/2011, 03:58
The robots forcing you to do the arm wave thing if you miss is the highlight. This game is nutso, but fun as hell.
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famousringo posted 12/02/2010, 05:20
It is crazy.

Crazy awesome.

It's like Muscle March with less gay and some genuinely fun gameplay.
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Soma posted 10/02/2010, 11:01
this game looks crazy
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