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虫姫さまふたり Ver 1.5





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11/26/09 Cave
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postofficebuddy posted 17/04/2010, 01:56
@tphi Import sales aren't tracked here. I would actually imagine that this sold decently with imports since Cave said that they would base their decision to bring any future releases to the states on how many people import this and we're getting Espagluda 2 and Death Smiles.
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loves2splooge posted 22/01/2010, 10:46
I just got it in the mail and started playing today. I suck at shmups and the bullet hell is insane but since it has infinite continues (or at least it seems like the original mode does) it's not going to scare away novices in the way that other difficult arcade games do. It's nice when I find that I'm improving my ability to dodge the bullets and beat my old high scores.
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tphi posted 07/01/2010, 07:50
cant belive it's only 30k in Japan - on play asia, it's the 3rd most bought item...

Excellent game though
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loves2splooge posted 05/01/2010, 03:28
I ordered it. Now for the long wait for when it finally gets here. lol. Cave gets my money for making this regoin-free and having the balls to give the Xbox 360 a chance in Japan.
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fairyliar posted 17/12/2009, 12:09
great game, at home for a week now!
67M in 1.5 xbox 360 original mode (1242th worldwide)
Arrange mode is just crazy
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loves2splooge posted 14/12/2009, 09:12
This is the first region-free Japanese-exclusive 360 game I`ve ever seen. Finally. On Play-Asia it has English under one of the languages. Is this game really in English? As in menus, options and everything? I want to be able to play without having to track down some sort of translation guide. I wouldn`t mind buying this. I am worried about the possibility of getting raped by the duty fees though. I`ve never imported from Play-Asia before. It`s expensive enough as it is to begin with so I hope I don`t have to pay duties.
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