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12/01/09 Ubisoft
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12/04/09 Ubisoft

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Wishlist: 2
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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 5,334 6,188 1,948 13,470
2 n/a 8,077 11,836 3,352 23,265
3 n/a 13,324 23,650 6,201 43,175
4 n/a 20,674 30,435 8,603 59,712
5 n/a 10,435 18,092 4,786 33,313
6 n/a 7,797 11,294 3,215 22,306
7 n/a 6,409 8,369 2,493 17,271
8 n/a 5,481 7,323 2,159 14,963
9 n/a 4,629 9,129 2,303 16,061
10 n/a 4,968 7,536 2,104 14,608

Opinion (11)

DieAppleDie posted 05/02/2013, 11:43
severely undertracked...
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Arfen posted 14/10/2011, 08:16
this game is included on ninetendo selects line.. so has to be a boost in sales..
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siavm posted 20/05/2010, 02:27
This must be seriously under tracked on this site. If ubisoft said that the game sold 2.7 mil and you add them all up on this site it does not come close. This site needs to redo these numbers.
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kevinrize posted 19/05/2010, 04:04
@bmmb1 thry probably thought this wouldnt sell good on wii cause its t rated and its a shooter what idiots ubisoft are
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bmmb1 posted 19/05/2010, 08:31
Ubisoft say that Avatar performed well, the WIi version especially - since according to VGChartz the HD versions performed somewhat better than the Wii version, does that mean that the Wii version is undertracked (or the PS360 version are overtracked)?
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Smeags posted 25/01/2010, 04:05
Eh, I wouldn't say it's great... I mean... the basics are there, but there's not much else.

Controls are efficient, but not very inspired (Force Unleashed did the horizontal/vertical attack method much better) but the IR bow control is well done. Too bad this game is littered with Quick Time Events... by the end I could beat a helicopter with my eyes closed haha.

The graphics are hit and miss (love the water effects, but the character models are awful). The story is a joke (what does the virus have to do with ANYTHING in this game? ) and the musical score... isn't there.

Still, the upgrade system is a great way to keep you coming back... but when the game's only 8 hours long... there's not much to go back to.

I'd give it a 6.4/10. Not bad, just not good either...
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