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Alternative Names

Heisa Byoutou: Dementium II

閉ざされた病棟 -DEMENTIUM II-


Renegade Kid



Release Dates

05/04/10 SouthPeak Interactive
06/25/10 SouthPeak Interactive

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Dementium II - Summary

Time to prepare for phase 2...

You are William Redmoor, recent recipient of a radical brain operation and current inmate at the clandestine Bright Dawn Treatment Center for the criminally insane. Your memories are fuzzy, but it appears that your wife and daughter were murdered, and the evidence points toward you as the killer.

The Doctor's methods don't appear to have worked - Demons you thought vanquished have appeared once again. Images of a past you don't want to see keep appearing before you. Worse, it seems that the Doctor has some diabolical scheme against you... or does he? Survive the onslaught of horrific beasts, stay one step ahead of the Doctor, and for God's sake William, get out if you can!

With all the surrounding insanity, you can't tell if it's you or the world that has truly lost it.

...Just how demented are you?

  • An unforgettable horror experience brimming with high-intensity sound effects, foreboding atmosphere, and bloody nightmarish environments
  • Multipurpose weapons allow you to dispose of enemies and obstacles
  • Revamped equipment system allows for quick and easy access to weapons and items
  • New save system featuring both manual and auto-saves
  • Explore the Bright Dawn Treatment Center and its surrounding areas while encountering horrifying creatures and solving twisted puzzles
  • Three difficulty settings separate the victims from the victors
  • Test your wits and nerves by encountering endless waves of enemies in Survival Mode
  • New gameplay mechanics create an all new experience in horror on DS


Source: SouthPeak Interactive.

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WarioTime posted 20/10/2011, 08:06
planning on picking this up with the 1st one if i can find them been looking at reviews and it looks like a cool game
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Arfen posted 05/08/2011, 08:20
is this game coming to Europe? I live in Spain and I've never seen it
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menx64 posted 04/07/2011, 02:45
@pokeclaudel, an amazing game, better than the first one by far...
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pokeclaudel posted 21/05/2010, 04:39
i forgot about this anyone know if its good.
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mpereira posted 20/05/2010, 09:58
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hankakacjd posted 25/03/2010, 12:54
this looks epic compared to the original
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