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10/20/09 Microsoft Game Studios
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10/23/09 Microsoft Game Studios

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Lips: Number One Hits


Chart topping songs from all around the world headline the track list in “Lips: Number One Hits”. This electrifying collection of irresistible dance-floor fillers includes classics from MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” to Timbaland’s “Apologize” featuring OneRepublic.

“Lips: Number One Hits” is available with the amazing Xbox 360 wireless motion sensitive microphone, which lets everyone hear your voice loud and clear as you launch into Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” and traces your every move as you groove to Rihanna’s “Disturbia”. Strike the right pose or shake it like you mean it and you’ll trigger Star Stream Power to achieve incredible high scores. Motion sensitivity also means that you can use the mic for percussion accompaniment – not everybody needs to sing, but up to four people can help with the performance. The Xbox 360 wireless microphone is compatible with third-party music titles arriving in autumn.

In addition to enjoying all the great music, your superstar status can be further celebrated by integrating your Xbox LIVE avatar. This time round you’ll find your cool alter-ego appearing on the in-game menus. How great is that!

Don’t forget that new songs are being regularly added to Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and are accessible via the in-game Lips Music Store. The range is broader than ever, so everyone of your friends and family can take ‘their song’ and make it soar.

Both the original “Lips” and “Lips: Number One Hits” are the work of iNiS Corp, the celebrated Japanese creative team led by the very funky Keiichi Yano. These guys have been keeping videogames groovy for over a decade, and Lips: Number One Hits already feels like a celebration of all that’s gone before and much more.

Lips: Number One Hits is available for Xbox 360 from October 2009.


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Opinion (10)

Lostplanet22 posted 14/04/2010, 12:55
The sales are good though...And the dlc is popular aswell. I am sure they make a profit of it.
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heruamon posted 15/02/2010, 01:39
I'm considering getting it when the price drops, or as a used game...same for the new one out next month.
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Boneitis posted 21/01/2010, 05:54
Sales have actually held up pretty well. Will probably hit 500K after a price drop.

This is just a simple karaoke game. It doesn't need big sales.
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heruamon posted 24/12/2009, 08:32
I expected this game to do much better after Lips coming on the scene...
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legend92(3) posted 20/12/2009, 10:33
I have seen about 35 ads for this game.
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Seece posted 14/12/2009, 09:08
This was advertised in the UK, not a lot more Microsoft can do. I think they should count their losses and make this the last Lips games ...

Some games just arnt meant to sell!
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