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Alternative Names

Bokujou Monogatari: Kimi to Sodatsu Shima



Marvelous Interactive



Release Dates

08/26/08 Natsume
02/01/07 Marvelous Interactive
12/12/08 Rising Star

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You're shipwrecked on a deserted island! Starting with an abandoned farm, a handful of seeds, and the determination to start a new life, it's up to you to tame the land and make the island prosper! By farming crops, raising animals, and mining for precious gems, you'll help the island grow into a vibrant town bustling with people, businesses, and eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. Are you a good enough farmer to turn this island into a paradise?

  • Play as a boy or as a girl!
  • Attract settlers by building your farm!
  • Fall in love and start a family!
  • Explore the biggest portable Harvest Moon ever!
  • Compete against other ranchers via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection!




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1 76,858 n/a n/a 76,858
2 29,206 n/a n/a 29,206
3 24,764 n/a n/a 24,764
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5 17,435 n/a n/a 17,435
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10 4,676 n/a n/a 4,676

Opinion (7)

sep85dd posted 28/12/2009, 09:49
it was released in europe too.
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tphi posted 11/11/2009, 08:18
Such amazing legs in the US
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tphi posted 16/06/2009, 10:00
American sales are just enormous. 8 times the 1st week sales.
it's really good because it means every other harvest moon will come to US thanks to that ^^
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RPG_Fanatic posted 24/09/2008, 05:36
Is it just me, or is this game harder then the others. Hunger bar, plants needing both water and sunlight, all items have freshness, and the fact that your stamina drops very quickly. Marvelous went out of there way to make the game more interesting.
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silverlunar777 posted 29/08/2008, 10:00
got the game =)
still in the beginning though.
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ArtofAngels posted 13/01/2008, 10:47
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