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Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga


Monolith Soft



Release Dates

04/29/09 Atlus
05/29/08 Namco Bandai
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Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier is a unique sci-fi/fantasy RPG that takes players across a variety of worlds, ranging from an apocalyptic wasteland covered with the hulks of downed spaceships to a fantastical place of fairy tales and dark magic. Join Haken Browning: gunslinger, professional bounty hunter, and amateur ladies' man, along with his motley crew of robots, were-beasts, secret agents, and busty princesses as they delve deep into the mysteries of how their worlds came to be and face a threat that imperils the multiverse.

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1 n/a 10,204 n/a 1,801 12,005
2 n/a 4,235 n/a 747 4,982
3 n/a 2,182 n/a 385 2,567
4 n/a 1,294 n/a 228 1,522
5 n/a 845 n/a 149 994
6 n/a 606 n/a 107 713
7 n/a 472 n/a 83 555
8 n/a 364 n/a 64 428
9 n/a 1,097 n/a 194 1,291
10 n/a 1,990 n/a 351 2,341

Opinion (8)

Words Of Wisdom posted 03/08/2009, 11:42
"Wow, it's like a wall of boobs."
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whatz3rname posted 02/08/2009, 10:14
Finished it last night. Overall a good game.
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whatz3rname posted 25/07/2009, 08:26
This game is really fun. Especially the dialogue and the battles. The rest is so-so.
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Saki posted 12/07/2009, 08:31
Its fun at first but loses its charm after a couple of hours. Combat is fresh but everything else is too old fashioned. Probably just finish it with cheats.
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intro94 posted 04/06/2009, 10:18
wow americans really dont like rpgs or what?but they play pokemon like dope.*puzzled* GTA sells 500k and they scream flop, this game sells 20k and nobody cares?
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mycale posted 28/05/2009, 11:13
I don't really believe the sales to be that low. But anyway, a fantastic game. Best I played in a long time :)
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