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03/30/10 NIS America
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04/09/10 Tecmo Koei

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Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love - Summary

Sakura Wars is a Strategy RPG that features a unique sim-based story system. An in-depth storyline exists, much like in any other RPG; however, the player’s destiny in the game is not predetermined. Character interaction plays a major role, and your responses to the various characters in the game can ultimately change the story content and even the final outcome.

The battle system is divided into two main parts; ground combat and air combat. Ground combat takes place using two-legged mechanized suits, which transform into jet fighters to take the fight to the sky. Every mech unit in the game can transform from battle mech mode to jet fighter mode during combat. Once transformed, weapons and movement methods will change as well. For example, the hero’s ground mode utilizes a sword as his main weapon, but in jet mode he will use long-range missiles.



  • 8 chapters in total, each with 4-5 hours of gameplay.
  • A total of 7 characters to control.
  • 6 different fully animated endings.
  • Bonus features and story after beating the game.


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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 5,198 n/a 917 6,115
2 n/a 2,149 2,474 782 5,405
3 n/a 1,681 1,036 466 3,183
4 n/a 1,591 542 369 2,502
5 n/a 1,610 405 350 2,365
6 n/a 1,071 394 253 1,718
7 n/a 892 426 226 1,544
8 n/a 1,026 419 249 1,694
9 n/a 1,213 402 279 1,894
10 n/a 1,178 383 270 1,831

Opinion (12)

kevinrize posted 26/11/2010, 05:22
cool sales are increasing in Emeaa 1,200.
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FMF posted 23/05/2010, 07:09

Article is a bit old, but I just found it :3
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novasonic posted 22/05/2010, 05:16
I was thinking about getting this, but then I heard that red heads red neck voice actor.. It's a shame.
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pots555 posted 15/05/2010, 04:10
Never thought I would enjoy it, but I am. The combat segments are pretty cool.
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Gamerace posted 28/04/2010, 04:42
Picked this up.
It is definitely an acquired taste I'd say, not for everyone and I don't see too many in NA warming to this. But I love both Adventure and SRPG and this game has both elements so I'm quite enjoying it.
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StockoPS3 posted 15/04/2010, 10:57
buy it its awesome on 3k in others its pitiful
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