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03/15/07 KOEI
06/29/07 KOEI

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The Wii's unique controllers will enable G1 Jockey Wii to recreate the entire horse racing experience much more realistically and intuitively than ever before. With the Wii remote used as the whip and the nunchuck used to steer and drive the horse, this title will give gamers the opportunity to feel like a true champion jockey. G1 Jockey Wii is set for a release in the UK and Europe on June 29.

"Throughout the history of this series we have tried to make G1 Jockey feel as close to the real thing as possible. Thanks to the Wii controllers we now have the opportunity to bring the effort and skill of this incredible sport to gamers like never before." Naoki Katashima, Senior Vice President KOEI Europe.

"We're hoping that this game will make all horse racing games before it look like a right load of old pony and have gamers trotting down to their local store to back a genuine winner and be first past the post with the greatest horse racing game ever." Will Curley, KOEI Sales Manager.

About G1 Jockey Wii

As well as giving gamers the opportunity to whip themselves into shape while striving to be the king of the final furlong, G1 Jockey Wii also contains an incredibly deep career mode where players get the chance to work their way from rookie status to horse racing legend.

This game will also give you the opportunity to breed your own horses and develop them into a stable of true thoroughbred winners. G1 Jockey Wii is all about making the most of your initial opportunities and building up your renown within the racing world. The more you and your horses impress the more chances to make it into the big time will be presented to you.


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