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MotorStorm: Raging Ice



Bigbig Studios



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09/29/09 Sony Computer Entertainment
11/01/09 Sony Computer Entertainment
09/18/09 Sony Computer Entertainment

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MotorStorm: Arctic Edge - Summary

Lunatics Unite for the coldest and most unforgiving MotorStorm® festival yet.


MotorStorm's breakneck racing festival moves to the unpredictable terrains and harsh temperatures of Alaska. In true MotorStorm style, players will throw traditional offroad driving and caution to the wind where the ultimate goal in the festival is to not only win, but to survive.


Lunatics must race against vicious opponents in arctic conditions and deal with the dangerous Alaskan terrain featuring sudden avalanches, broken ice bridges and three different, and completely unforgiving, racing altitudes.


The game features MotorStorm's breathtaking racing action alongside online multiplayer where you can race against other players using Infrastructure Mode on PSP® system to make it to the summit of the online global leaderboards.


  • Stunning environments with tracks modeled after the rugged, snow-covered Alaskan landscape creating the most treacherous racing conditions yet.
  • Eight vehicle classes, including the nimble Snow Cat and more forceful Snow Plow designed to help you tackle the Alaskan terrain.
  • Multiplayer Racing Action with up to eight players online via infrastructure mode as well as ad hoc racing.
  • Global leaderboards to show off the top ranked players in all game modes, including single player Time Attack.
  • Robust vehicle customization lets you upgrade various parts including wheels, exhaust, spoilers, sponsorship stickers, and liveries.
  • Use the Photo Mode to snap and save the best action photos and send to friends.
  • Customizable soundtrack that lets players add music from a memory stick to create a full list of customized tunes for each race


Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a n/a 12,293 12,293
2 n/a n/a 14,016 14,016
3 n/a 5,723 11,148 7,013 23,884
4 n/a 2,748 8,061 4,826 15,635
5 n/a 1,917 5,942 3,538 11,397
6 n/a 1,595 5,788 3,398 10,781
7 593 1,463 5,726 3,452 11,234
8 209 1,532 5,073 3,100 9,914
9 119 1,378 5,827 3,488 10,812
10 77 1,299 6,779 3,999 12,154

Opinion (28)

hunter_alien posted 16/06/2014, 10:46
Over a million with DD. I love it how members on this site always underestimated PSP software legs
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Dgc1808 posted 26/12/2012, 01:33
Impressive legs.
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TrevDaRev posted 24/12/2012, 02:13
Over 1.2 million sold between PSP & PS2. Impressive.
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cars298 posted 09/11/2011, 12:14
deadly 1
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palitococo posted 09/12/2010, 01:34
@girgosz its look like it will not gonna need the downloads for half M.
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drakesfortune posted 11/11/2010, 11:26
Marshmallow, I loved my PSP too, but it's time for a new system. I've completely lost faith in it at this point. There are a few more games I'll pick up in the dollar bin, but they need a new system at this point.
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