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05/07/09 Valcon Games
03/27/08 Success
10/29/10 Valcon Games

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The First and last Word in Action

The Raiden Fighters series has finally arrived on the Xbox 360®! All three arcade classics have been faithfully recreated in this ultimate collection.

A new Training mode lets you modify every aspect your ships and wingmen, skip to any level, or play in slow-motion. Comprehensive screen and control settings let you play each game full-screen as a side-scroller, or even vertically on a rotated 4:3 display!

Play 2-player co-op games offline, or play Arcade Mode as a lone-wolf, posting high-scores and gameclips to Xbox Live®.


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1 n/a 1,606 n/a 283 1,889
2 n/a 853 n/a 151 1,004
3 n/a 879 n/a 155 1,034
4 n/a 1,059 n/a 187 1,246
5 n/a 1,193 n/a 211 1,404
6 n/a 1,173 n/a 207 1,380
7 n/a 1,125 n/a 199 1,324
8 n/a 1,060 n/a 187 1,247
9 n/a 819 n/a 145 964
10 n/a 524 n/a 92 616

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thewastedyouth posted 17/04/2012, 07:10
I do not know how Valcon Games make a profit from all these games that never sell

who knows
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Boneitis posted 18/10/2009, 12:10
I rented this recently through Gamefly and I really enjoyed it. I'm sort of a SHUMP fan and this game was a blast.

Not a ton of replay value for me but I did beat all 3 games several for the achievements. I look forward to playing Raiden 4 whenever its available for me to rent.
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MonstaMack posted 02/07/2009, 10:54
Game is not tracked? Well if you go to mygamercard, It's only tracking around 3K for users with Live access (I don't think the site counts silver and what not) so I'm guessing 5k or so titles sold... that's pretty low. Ouch.
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MonstaMack posted 10/05/2009, 01:21
Just to let you guys know this game is already in stores apparently. Some Gamestops around here got it in and It's $20. Damn good deal. Only bad part is co-op is local only and no online :(
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piggychan posted 09/05/2009, 07:23
will this get a euro release?? :o
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