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07/07/09 Got Game Entertainment
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06/19/09 505 Games

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Player-driven story
Role-playing and resource management elements. Command your troops through a branching campaign full of twists and surprises.

Extensive multiplayer
Play the entire solo campaign cooperatively or dive into huge PvP battles for control of the whole map.

Mission Editor
The Intuituive, powerful mission editor lets you design your own missions in minutes or create intricate and unique campaigns. Infinitely extend the game!

Authentic weapon simulation
Bullet ballistics and deflection, material penetration, real-world magazine capacity, tracers, ammunition types and stopping power.

Unique AI
No scripts, no pre defined pathways. AI adapt and use the open environment on the fly. AI share information, flanking and taking cover to surprise and outsmart players.

Dynamic conversation system.
ArmA 2 integrates preset conversations with dynamic queries about the game environment. Talk to soldiers in the field and civilians caught up in the fighting. Soldiers shout and use hand gestures based on real world military doctrine.

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Opinion (1)

DOLBYdigital posted 24/06/2009, 08:23
This game looks like it may finally at least challenge BF2 since nothing has really even come close.

Anyway I just found out about this crazy war simulator that is built into this game. Basically you can just setup any scenario you want and drop into it as a soldier or just a local farm animal.

There is a great video of someone running 1500 AI units at once. It is not scripted and completely dynamic. While he doesn't really fight anyone and just runs around its still impressive. (search youtube)

Games are getting better and better at representing realistic warfare.

Finally this site really needs some PC gamers.... either that or I need to find another site ;)
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