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12/20/11 Electronic Arts
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12/20/11 Electronic Arts

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2,000,000 Units
As of: January 2012

Opinion (34)

Nem posted 14/12/2012, 05:26
Honestly, dont buy into the haters. This is a really good and fun game.
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S.Peelman posted 12/08/2012, 02:57
They should've just made KotoR3, would've made them a lot more money. I hope everyone learned their lesson here.

I wasn't even considering buying this game because it was subscription based. But now that it's free-to-play, I might buy and play through the main story, just to satisfy my curiosity.
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Ganoncrotch posted 05/08/2012, 05:15
is that a record btw? 7 months after launch and it's now completely free to play. I know DC:UO was faster but that was helped by sony online being hacked and taken down for almost 2 months right after the game launched.

Even if this had just cost EA the minimum estimated dev cost of 200million dollars that is a cost of $952000 per day for each day of the 7 months this game was online as a subscription based game.

That is ofc not including the costs of running a fantastic customer support team yelling at anyone with legit complaints to go back to wow (which they all seem to have done) and the costs of hiring a whole team just to go around msg boards and forums to build up hype and positivity for this rubbish.

Bring on KotoR3...

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Ganoncrotch posted 11/07/2012, 08:20
along with free to play til lvl 15 and the fact that you can buy this in gamestop here for about 15-20euros now sales will probably go up a little bit, but this is a dead duck in terms of making back the 200-300m spent on voice acting for it, you really don't need that much money spent to hire A-List celebs to voice a quest where you go and kill 6 space boars. funny out the comments here from clos3 trying to call out someone for predicting this would bomb? oddly hasn't commented much in the last while, wonder why.
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lunalicrichard posted 26/05/2012, 10:56
A shame that it has done so little . I've only played the beta as of yet , but i do want to get it at some point . I really hope it will survive and have a strong community .
I also hope that it will not go free to play on one side . Simply because i hope it will be better supported that way .
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Panama posted 04/05/2012, 07:51
Its price recently plummeted. Contemplating a purchase just to blaze through the story content.
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