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09/08/09 Eidos Interactive
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09/11/09 Eidos Interactive

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Mini Ninjas - Summary

In MINI NINJAS you play as Hiro, a young trainee Ninja and the last person that would be expected to go and save the world. Yet that is exactly what happens!

When the Evil Samurai Warlord, with the help of an ancient magic, turns forest animals in to an army hell bent on world domination, Hiro must lead his small band of Ninjas on an exciting journey through a disintegrating world, to battle the magical hordes of twisted Samurai and eventually confront the Warlord in his Fortress of Doom.

The journey to the Fortress of Doom is long and dangerous adventure that will take Hiro and his Ninja friends through a big exciting world which varies greatly, from bamboo forests, to snowy mountains, with treacherous castle interiors and flooded valleys. They will be challenged like never before and need to use their ninja skills, potions, magic and to defeat evil. Prepare yourself for a Ninja adventure like you have never seen before!

Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 10,994 8,067 4,629 23,690
2 n/a 4,372 6,185 2,834 13,391
3 n/a 3,341 3,915 1,895 9,151
4 n/a 2,585 2,964 1,444 6,993
5 n/a 2,219 2,557 1,244 6,020
6 n/a 2,106 2,270 1,129 5,505
7 n/a 2,113 2,044 1,054 5,211
8 n/a 1,668 2,053 978 4,699
9 n/a 1,555 2,182 1,001 4,738
10 n/a 1,084 2,358 977 4,419

Opinion (11)

KingEidilleg posted 31/01/2010, 03:17
I bought this game for about 15 euro after reading some reviews and I was pleasantly surprised. Shame that it isn't selling better.
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Shadowfest3 posted 04/10/2009, 10:39
I surprisingly liked the demo! I might have to pick this game up!
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headshot91 posted 28/09/2009, 08:05
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*~Onna76~* posted 19/09/2009, 06:37
Uncharted is also a 30 hour gameplay and nobody complains about that? Although in my case 60+ hours since I beat the game 6 times Ordered the game for 36 Euro. If its about 30-40 hours in gameplay, I'm a slow gamer anyway and I will most likely take longer about the game to enjoy the breathtaking view, its worth every Euro then.
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sep85dd posted 18/09/2009, 06:37
Bad sales...I expected more...good games are selling bad, when you canĀ“t kill people, sing or make a puzzle, the game sucks in sales...
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dsister44 posted 14/09/2009, 03:50
Really, really loved the demo. I am going to pick up the Xbox version soon
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