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03/16/09 Aksys Games
04/28/09 Arc System Works
05/01/09 Aksys Games

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“BIT.TRIP BEAT is a crazy mix of 80s aesthetics and modern game design,” states Michael Manzanares, Producer of Aksys Games. “It's challenging, yet fair, and completely addicting."

“The Gaijin Games team wanted to make a game that used the tools of today to inspire the fun of yesterday. Our goal was to make a game that was as simple in gameplay as the games of the early 80s and equally as fun-even though gamers' tastes have changed over the years,” continues Alex Neuse, Designer of Gaijin Games. “And let's face it, sometimes a really good videogame is just awesome. We hope you enjoy BIT.TRIP BEAT.”

Key Features:

  • Bring Back That Loving Feeling
    BIT.TRIP BEAT brings back the classic arcade-style gameplay where getting the high score matters!
  • Pixel Blocks For The Win
    Keeping the arcade-style gameplay isn’t enough, BIT.TRIP BEAT sports a unique retro-inspired art style that will stimulate your senses.
  • Old School Tunes
    Who said old-school 8-bit music was out? BIT.TRIP BEAT bumps the latest chiptune music to keep the action fresh!
  • Friends Can Play Too!
    Can’t beat a level? No problem, BIT.TRIP BEAT allows 2 to 4 player co-op mode! But don’t think that makes it any easier…

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Opinion (14)

megaman79 posted 26/02/2010, 11:52
This game is IMPOSSIBLE.

Here you go -
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SaviorX posted 19/02/2010, 10:21
Bought it!
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I like Bacon posted 28/01/2010, 02:58
over 6 months of owning it and I still can't beat Growth's boss. only been able to reach the boss 2 weeks ago.
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Vas-y posted 26/12/2009, 01:04
The demo was fun. I will definitely buy this game in a few weeks.
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dano posted 24/12/2009, 08:49
sooo fun and soooo it, pure old school fun
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shizzlee posted 27/05/2009, 07:23
I have been playing this on a daily basis for about a week and level 3 is still killing me. I can't even get half way through it. Hardest game I have ever played. Even harder than F-Zero GX (I'm serious, and I completed that game in full.)
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