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Dark Chronicle

Dark Chronicle



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02/17/03 Sony Computer Entertainment
11/28/02 Sony Computer Entertainment
09/12/03 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Dark Cloud 2 - Cheats

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Walkthrough / Guides / Tips

Date Title User
11th Jan 2011 Enlist The Mayor ioi
11th Jan 2011 Easy items ioi
11th Jan 2011 Easy level up ioi
11th Jan 2011 Butterfly Forest: Elements ioi
11th Jan 2011 Cedric ioi
11th Jan 2011 Borneo and Erik ioi
11th Jan 2011 Recruit Gordon ioi
11th Jan 2011 Easy gilda ioi
11th Jan 2011 Recruit Donny ioi
11th Jan 2011 Recruit Ferdinand ioi
28th Mar 2011 How to beat the rainbow butterfly ioi
28th Mar 2011 Get boss out of rainbow falls ioi

Cheat codes

Date Title User
24th Feb 2011 Inventions (0) ioi
24th Feb 2011 How to get Milane (0) ioi
24th Feb 2011 Get priest bruno (0) ioi

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Opinion (9)

Zeruda-Hime posted 14/10/2020, 12:52
This game is aging well or i am wrong?
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Bambillo posted 28/12/2009, 07:57
If you liked this, give a try to Soul Blazer for the Snes, I Think is way better.
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Wickedshyn posted 10/07/2009, 07:32
Just beat the game today was really enjoyable.
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Globox posted 05/05/2009, 01:25
this game deserved better sales...probably best Level 5 game so far.
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Beoulve posted 05/03/2009, 12:02
Personally I think Dragon Quest VIII is Level 5's best game, but this is great as well. Shame the story kind of sucked though.
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*~Onna76~* posted 27/11/2008, 10:16
Dark Chronicle in Europe and Japan. Am playing the game "again". With Dark Cloud Level 5 got my love, but this game made it all to become my favorite JP developer! One of the best games on the PS2!
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