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03/03/09 2K Sports
07/09/09 Spike
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Overview PLAY BALL! Major League Baseball® 2K9 captures the essence of baseball down to some of the most minute, player- specific details including batting stances, pitching windups and signature swings. 2K Sports has gone above and beyond the call of duty to deliver this in true major league fashion. Additionally, gameplay enhancements in pitching, batting, fielding and baserunning promise this year’s installment to be user-friendly and enjoyable for rookies or veterans. New commentary and presentation provide the icing to this ultimate baseball experience. If you really want to Play Ball this is the game for you.


Living Rosters – Active roster updates guarantee your game is current. Rosters are automatically updated behind the scenes, so you’re never late on a trade and always have the hottest players in your starting lineup.

More Signature Style™
– 2K Sports adds to its impressive library of player–specific animations with more than 300 new signature animations, bringing players to life at the plate, on the mound and in the field, allowing you to play ball like never before.

Next-Gen Controls
– Right stick pitching, batting and responsive fielding bring your virtual baseball experience into the next generation. Improved two-step Precision Pitching™ controls, deeper Swing Stick™ batting and quick fielding responses round out your control of the game.

Franchise Mode – Take charge of your franchise and enjoy the all-new presentation style, a new level of CPU customization, multi-player functionality, and real player ambitions.

Swing Stick™ Advanced – Now you can really Play Ball. Improved batting controls give batters the ability to influence hits with timing and aim. Improved hit distribution and variety deliver more hit types including spray shots, pulls, line drives and long bombs.

Inside Edge 2009
– Inside Edge produces remarkably accurate player tendencies. With more than 6 years of scouting reports infused into the action on the field, Inside Edge ensures that players react to in-game situations as they would in real life.

2K HD/Real-Time Atmosphere – An all-new Virtual Director brings in-game broadcasts to life in real-time with smart camera placement, angles, and cuts. Real-Time Atmosphere adds to the presentation package by bringing nuances to life throughout the duration of a game. Lighting, umpires, ball boys and coaches all move and progress naturally and seamlessly for a true-to-life ballpark experience.

New Broadcast Team
– Gary Thorne provides the play by play calls alongside color analyst Steve Phillips giving a new perspective and more depth for a true-to-life, insightful broadcast. With improved sound effects including real time crowd noise you’ll feel like you’re actually sitting in the park.

New Postseason Mode
– Jump right into the postseason without having to play through 162 regular season games. And if you win it all, experience a World Series® celebration in true championship style.

Team 2K – An online competition lasting 10 weeks to compile a team of the best online players. Just play Ranked Quick Matches to compete and win prizes. * Void where prohibited. See for details.

2K Share
– How do you play ball? Create, upload, and share rosters, sliders, and even players created with the all-new Player DNA feature. This also includes the newly added Reelmaker, where you can now direct your own digital video highlight reels and post them on for all the world to watch and admire.

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1 n/a 99,061 n/a 17,481 116,542
2 n/a 47,348 n/a 8,356 55,704
3 n/a 31,866 n/a 5,623 37,489
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Opinion (7)

goldeneye0065r posted 03/01/2012, 09:58
ya analog for a baseball game--- fuck this mariobaseball or wii sports is alot more better lol at least i can actually hit a fucking ball without them horrid controls that make it confusing
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uppertone posted 01/08/2009, 04:08
Now we can opt for The Bigs too, which is way more entertaining.
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squeeky posted 20/05/2009, 03:20
Shame that this pile of garbage is the only thing available on the 360.
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Zedux posted 25/03/2009, 02:46
why would someone buy this crap when you can get MLB09 The Show!!!
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C_Hollomon posted 15/03/2009, 06:16
@ headshot91

That's cause more PS3 owners brought MLB 09 the Show it's a better game. 2K9 will get more sales on the 360 cause it's the only MLB game on the 360.
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Vagabund posted 14/03/2009, 06:14
...and this is the reason:®ion=All

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