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Ikuze! Gen-San: Yuuyake Daiku Monogatari

いくぜっ!源さん ~夕焼け大工物語~


Irem Software Engineering



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Release Dates

04/07/09 Atlus
05/15/08 Irem Software Engineering
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Hammerin' Hero - Summary

Hammerin’ Hero marks the triumphant return of Gen, everyone’s favorite justice-bringing carpenter! Help Gen fight off Hyosuke Kuromoku and his evil construction company before they can evict Gen’s neighbors from their homes! Gen will have to use a variety of jobs—from DJ to baseball player—through 12 diverse stages if he hopes to thwart the all-out attack of the Kurokomu Group and win the hearts of the people, even if it sometimes means giving them the tough love they need to solve their own problems.

Key Features
• Wacky side-scrolling beat ‘em up — Play as Gen-san as he hammers away at corporate evil across Japan and the world in this vibrant, action-packed platformer. The comic adventure unfolds fully-voiced in English and Japanese.
• Be more than a hammerin’ hero — Choose from a variety of jobs, including sushi chef, baseball player, and diver, to give Gen different costumes and attacks as he fights through 12 crazy stages. Along the way, make allies in battle, collect loads of items, and even unlock two more playable characters!
• Ad-hoc multiplayer — 2 players can play together and compete for the best score on each level over ad-hoc wireless play. Why hammer alone when you can hammer with a friend?

Hammerin’ Hero has been rated “E10+” for Everyone 10 and Older with Alcohol and Tobacco Reference, Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief, and Mild Language by the ESRB.



Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 585 n/a 103 688
2 n/a 263 n/a 46 309
3 n/a 127 n/a 22 149
4 n/a 81 n/a 14 95
5 n/a 61 n/a 11 72
6 n/a 49 n/a 9 58
7 n/a 41 n/a 7 48
8 n/a 36 n/a 6 42
9 n/a 31 n/a 5 36
10 n/a 29 n/a 5 34

Opinion (7)

Signalstar posted 30/05/2010, 04:35
I love this game
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DivinityFire posted 18/12/2009, 01:37
Got it. Thanks Atlus!
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Graves posted 27/07/2009, 01:44
I presume Japan sales were better. Either way they should put this game on Live and PSN.
Message | Report
jonop posted 20/07/2009, 01:28
thats wierd seems to of had a sudden increase of sales. That is happening to a few psp games for some reason.
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axumblade posted 02/05/2009, 04:30
yay! I just got this game as a late easter gift.
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typicalgamer posted 19/04/2009, 01:42
so sad nobody bought it. it's an awesome game
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