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An Underwater Fantasy World to Explore

massive ocean world, teeming with life and filled with ancient secrets. Join Naija, a lone underwater dweller in search of her family, as she explores the depths of Aquaria. She'll travel from hidden caves, shrouded in darkness, to beautiful, sunlit oases, all lovingly handcrafted by its two creators.

Naija's story, narrated fully with voice overs, will become yours, as you join her on this magnificent adventure.

Magic and Combat at a Mouse-Click

aija has the gift of the Verse. By singing songs, she can weave this force to change the waters around her. With each song Naija learns comes new abilities. With powerful songs, Naija is able to change form, giving players many options as to how to play the game.

And with Aquaria's intuitive mouse-only control system, it's as easy to make Naija swim gracefully through the waters as it is to have her sing, cast spells, and engage in combat with the numerous dangerous creatures that inhabit Aquaria's waters.

The Xbox 360 controller and FPS style mouse / keyboard controls are also supported.

Available for PC & Mac


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VXIII posted 26/02/2011, 11:06
An example of how two persons ( yes only two ) can make such an awesome game with deep story and nice atmosphere if they realy wanted to, this game deserve more recognition ... and a banner :D *stars Photoshop*
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r505Matt posted 18/05/2010, 02:36
This game really is awesome, I can't wait until I have more time to really delve deeper into it.
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barret232hxc posted 23/02/2009, 07:37
Derek And Alec are Awesomeeee
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ameratsu posted 28/01/2009, 09:39

Tell me about it. I added aquaria info here on VGC and to my sig in an attempt to get the word out. Such a brilliant game. It's truly a shame most people have never heard of it.
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DOLBYdigital posted 18/01/2009, 11:41
Wow words cannot describe how great this game is.... I cannot believe a gem of this quality is so under appreciated by the gaming public.

This game recently got released on STEAM which is the only reason I even heard about it. The voice acting is amazing and the story is truly unique and awe inspiring.

Best way to describe the gameplay would be a mix between ecco the dolphin and geometry wars.... i guess.

This is one of those games that I want to shout from the rafters and shove in the face of anyone who says games are not art but movies are....

The beginning is a little slow but that is because the game actually has a great story and needs to setup the situation and scene.

Man I wish there was more I could do for this game.... grrrrr
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