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WWE レジェンズ・オブ・レッスルマニア





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03/24/09 THQ
07/09/09 THQ
03/20/09 THQ

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1 n/a n/a 18,189 18,189
2 n/a 44,710 12,648 9,949 67,307
3 n/a 15,202 5,776 3,623 24,601
4 n/a 8,902 4,644 2,327 15,873
5 n/a 6,353 3,772 1,735 11,860
6 n/a 5,033 2,502 1,295 8,830
7 n/a 4,031 1,941 1,027 6,999
8 n/a 3,185 1,767 850 5,802
9 n/a 2,513 2,211 803 5,527
10 n/a 2,177 2,630 812 5,619

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loves2splooge posted 27/01/2010, 09:55
Unless you plan on playing this game with friends when they are over (the controls make for a easy pick up and play game) or you are a diehard old-school WWF fan, I would recommend against buying it. Rent it instead. Unless some of the objectives needed to get gold medals are giving you trouble, chances are you could get 1k/1k within a 7 day rental (or however long it is at blockbuster for an old release) no problem whatsoever. The Medal Collector achievement is the only one that should give you trouble.

I just got this in the mail yesterday and I'm only 2 achievements away from 1k/1k. I rented this because I'm an old-school WWF fan and like pro wrestling games, not for the easy achievements (however if I know a game has easy achievements and the gameplay seems fun, I wouldn't be above renting the game. lol) When I found out that the achievements were easy, that was icing for me. lol. I'll get around to completing it tomorrow, watch the wrestlemania videos I unlocked and play some exhibition matches and maybe xbl play. Then send it back in the mail the day after.
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I LOVE GIGGS posted 10/05/2009, 07:03
If you want Achievement, you should buy this game!
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SaviorX posted 02/04/2009, 06:39
Solid debut.
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mjc2021 posted 27/03/2009, 07:53
I only played the demo but I loved it. I'll buy this when the price goes down.
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DiplomaticImmunity posted 23/03/2009, 01:25
dont instead get dance dance revolution for 360
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I LOVE GIGGS posted 21/03/2009, 06:58
I think I'm going to buy it!
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