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Zoo Tycoon: Doubutsuen o Tsukurou!


Blue Fang Games



Release Dates

10/11/05 THQ
04/20/06 Sega
11/11/05 THQ

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Zoo Tycoon DS is the Nintendo DS version of the popular business simulation game, Zoo Tycoon. The graphics and gameplay are somewhat similar to the first Zoo Tycoon game, except for the fact that the terrain types do not blend with each other like they do in the PC and Mac versions.

The objects and animals available in the game are also that of the first Zoo Tycoon game, yet it only contains the original animals, because of the inability to download bonus content or upload animals onto a DS. Other features, such as building exhibits as big as you want have also been removed due to the game being handheld.

The game has two playing options, either tutorial/scenario or freeform. Tutorial/Scenario mode takes the player through many short games, each with a set goal. The goals start off by teaching the basics; how to place items, purchase animals, and other needed knowledge of the game. They then progress to goals that have a set time limit and most require a certain happiness from the animals, a certain number of exhibits, etc. Freeform lets players create a zoo free of time restrictions and goals.

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Total Sales
1 n/a 5,423 n/a 957 6,380
2 n/a 5,557 n/a 981 6,538
3 n/a 4,733 n/a 835 5,568
4 n/a 4,745 n/a 837 5,582
5 n/a 6,203 n/a 1,095 7,298
6 n/a 8,407 n/a 1,484 9,891
7 n/a 10,745 n/a 1,896 12,641
8 n/a 12,199 n/a 2,153 14,352
9 n/a 16,137 n/a 2,848 18,985
10 n/a 19,873 n/a 3,507 23,380

Opinion (9)

xboxonefan posted 01/07/2016, 05:48
It finally hit a million it took 11 years but it finally did it
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atma998 posted 25/03/2016, 01:09
...wait now at 0.99M.
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xboxonefan posted 25/05/2015, 03:47
This sold a million its very undertracked in europe
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atma998 posted 16/12/2014, 02:54
Doest not sell anymore. Here is another game that came close to the million @ 0.97M.
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atma998 posted 08/01/2014, 11:24
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atma998 posted 14/12/2012, 11:27
Jeez 0.95M!
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