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Siren: New Translation


SCE Japan Studio



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07/24/08 Sony Computer Entertainment
07/24/08 Sony Computer Entertainment
10/31/08 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Siren: New Translation (Siren: Blood Curse in PAL) is an episodic horror game, based on the original Siren for the PS2. 

A japanese village, thought to have dissapperead in the 1970's, seems to have been found again, and an american TV crew are travelling there to get a scoop. They find out that something is completely wrong, strange rituals are going on, and all the city's inhabitants have turned into Shibitos. Japanese zombies if you will.

You don't play as the american TV crew only though, there are others who have come to this village for all their different reasons, and you get to play as many different characters.

The game incoorporates the sight jack feature, where you can see through the eyes of friends and enemies alike, which allows for more stealth gameplay, as you will be using enemies' sights to see when the cost is clear.

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WagnerPaiva posted 02/11/2016, 07:17
Most underrated PS3 game ever. Such a masterpiece =(
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Ruler posted 24/12/2014, 08:31
Its only released as digital in the us
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thewastedyouth posted 29/05/2012, 01:39
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ACEtheVAMPIRE posted 20/02/2011, 07:34
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paulrage2 posted 24/05/2010, 09:59
I bought the european version. Where the european sales VGC??
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Ping_ii posted 28/03/2010, 11:53
Were are the others numbers? also too bad VGC dont track downloads this game probly sold 250k+ by now.
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