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11/25/08 The Adventure Company
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11/13/08 Mindscape

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Award-winning adventure - now on on DS! Leave behind the past and embrace a future of unpredictable events.

Find unique worlds, endearing characters & challenging puzzles. For Kate Walker, a sophisticated New York attorney, the Voralberg acquisition seemed like an easy task - just a quick stopover in a small alpine village to buy out an old toy factory. But Kate uncovers a secret that starts her on a fascinating quest of discovery, and the deal she set out to sign becomes a pact with destiny...



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1 n/a 4,761 n/a 840 5,601
2 n/a 3,395 n/a 599 3,994
3 n/a 4,459 n/a 787 5,246
4 n/a 7,886 n/a 1,392 9,278
5 n/a 6,766 n/a 1,194 7,960
6 n/a 2,659 n/a 469 3,128
7 n/a 2,014 n/a 355 2,369
8 n/a 1,609 n/a 284 1,893
9 n/a 1,334 n/a 235 1,569
10 n/a 1,321 n/a 233 1,554

Opinion (5)

elzumo posted 26/12/2008, 08:15
This is selling amazingly well for a port of a nearly 7 year old game. Hopefully this leads to even more adventure games on the DS. :)
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jpelles posted 13/12/2008, 05:14
It's supposed to be a perfect port with some new puzzles I think.

I'm curious how good it actually is though now that it's out.
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WiiStation360 posted 12/12/2008, 05:23
How is this game? I have not seen any review online yet.
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WiiStation360 posted 19/11/2008, 04:06
I have been meaning to get the PC version for a while. I might get the DS version instead.
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elzumo posted 14/11/2008, 01:41
Had no idea this was coming to DS until now. Buy it if you have the chance people, it's a great game!
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