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Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty

Ratchet & Clank Future Gaiden: Kaizoku Dark Water no Hihou

ラチェット&クランク FUTURE外伝 海賊ダークウォーターの秘


Insomniac Games



Release Dates

08/21/08 Sony Computer Entertainment
08/21/08 Sony Computer Entertainment
08/21/08 Sony Computer Entertainment

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The mysterious Zoni have taken Clank! Now Ratchet must use his space-age weapons and new Omniwrench to battle Captain Darkwater's band of cut-throat ghost pirates to find the Fulcrum Star - a lost treasure that could be the link to finding his best friend.

If you're up for a swashbuckling adventure through outer space, then download Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty and help Ratchet track down Clank and find out just who is pulling the strings along the way...

  • New challenges, new wrench gameplay and new locations as Ratchet & Clank head off on an exciting treasure hunt
  • Test your pirate wits: Mix brew, manipulate shadows and play tunes to find vital clues to Captain Angstrom Darkwater's treasure
  • Travel to four exotic new locations and fight new pirate enemies including an epic final battle with Captain Darkwater

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Opinion (20)

binary solo posted 03/05/2010, 01:45
Felt a bit like going through the motions for R&C. Hoping a Crack in Time is going to really show what R&C is all about this gen. PS2 games were better than what's on PS3 so far.
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Severance posted 09/12/2009, 02:22
i enjoyed this more than ToD
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skiptomylou41k posted 17/06/2009, 02:27
the pirate ship attack segment is really hard, just too many enemies while targeting their ship...frustrating
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Dgc1808 posted 06/01/2009, 11:30
Downloaded a few days ago.... kinda bored. Loved Ratched Deadlocked, loved all the Jak games, want to play SLy. Got bored of this quickly though...

From the start jumping to each pirate ship and killing those robotic pirates was kinda bored [playing on hard mode btw] , but I stuck threw it because I wasn't expecting to be blown away at the begining. Now I've finished with the wind turbines and I find the task boring.

I quit the game for a bit, mite not pick it back up for like 2 weeks plus but I'll get to it...
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mibuokami posted 02/01/2009, 11:21
Just got it on Blue-Ray, call me old fashion but I really do like to have a physical medium.

Also bandwidth = Porn. o_o
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FPSrules posted 02/12/2008, 08:57
this game was bascially a advertisement for the rachet and clank series. thats why it was so cheap and short

its worth $15 dollars, it has a lot of cool new features and they will be used in the new rachet and clank coming in 09
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