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Alternative Names

Mobile Suit Gundam: Operation: Troy

ガンダム オペレーショントロイ


Dimps Corporation / Dream Execution



Release Dates

06/26/08 Namco Bandai
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兵士として銃火を交えるのか? モビルスーツに搭乗して敵を一掃するのか? すべてはプレイヤーに委ねられる…
Xbox 360 で実現する"リアルな一年戦争"を戦いぬけ!




  広 大な戦闘フィールド内を兵士視点でプレイ。乗り捨てられた機体(モビルスーツ、戦車など)は乗り降り可能。歩兵集団が 18 メートルを超す巨大兵器「モビルスーツ」と戦場で対峙する迫力の臨場感を演出。歩兵戦からモビルスーツ戦、さらには歩兵対 MS といった様々な戦闘が展開!

■多彩なミッションの遂行を目指す 1 人プレイから多人数同時対戦が可能な Xbox LIVE 戦まで収録!
  様々に異なる状況下で課せられる 1 人用「ミッションモード」。Xbox LIVE 環境で可能となった「LIVEモード」では、多人数が連邦・ジオンに分かれ、ボイスチャットで コミュニケーションをとりながら作戦を展開。チームワークを駆使して敵の裏をかけ!


"Soldier" and "mobile suit" to expand joint operations!
Fight a fire or a soldier? How to sweep the enemy mobile suit on board? All be left to the player ...
Xbox 360 to achieve the "real war year" the戦Inu Ke!

■ previous "Gundam" against common sense of the game "real war" to draw soldiers perspective!
  "Gundam" in the shadow of heroes fighting had created a history of thousands of nameless soldiers -.
Military color pushed strongly visual, sound, immersive combat reproduce the voices of soldiers flying.

■ gigantic humanoid weapon "Mobile Suits", tanks, and full use of the battlefield and Kakero Jeep!
  Combat soldiers in the field played a large perspective. Abandoned aircraft (mobile suits, and tank) can get on and off. Large group of infantry weapons more than 18 meters "mobile suit" to confront powerful director of the realism and the battlefield. Mobile Suits from the game against infantry, infantry against MS-like and further expands our battle!

■ range aims to accomplish the mission from one that can play multiplayer Xbox LIVE Journal people to play against!
  Different imposed for one person under different circumstances, "mission mode". Environment made possible by Xbox LIVE "LIVE mode", the federal Zeon divided into multiplayer, but it takes strategy to expand the voice chat communication. Put to full use of the back of the enemy team!


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Opinion (4)

LordMatrix posted 01/08/2009, 06:25
Where is my NA release Namco Bandai? :(
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Egghead posted 01/08/2008, 02:04
This actually saw the light of day...
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Strategyking92 posted 16/07/2008, 06:12
This actually looks good, here's hoping for a NA release.
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Strategyking92 posted 09/07/2008, 07:31
oh yeah!!!! boost xbox sales!! woooo!11
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