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09/08/09 UFO Interactive
10/02/08 Moss
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Instill fear in your enemies with devastating attacks and earn the acclaimed title of Master Ace!



* Challenging New Bosses and Stages - With new stages and never before seen bosses, experience the fast, blistering game play action that never gets old.

* Items, Weapons, and More – Unlock and master a variety of weapons, including fan favorites such as the Spread Shot and Laser, and never before seen weapons and items!

* Best Graphics to Date - The series has transitioned from its 2D roots to 3D, creating lush environments, devastating explosions and countless enemies, without a drop in frame-rate.

* Online Features – New replay feature lets you record and share your best sorties with others, while the global leader-board will track the best Aces in the world, leading to bragging rights and the title of Master Ace!

* Downloadable Content – Connect to the Xbox LIVE marketplace to download new ships, art assets, wallpapers and more!

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Opinion (10)

MonstaMack posted 20/02/2010, 10:10
Yeah I picked mine up at $20 off Gamestop because Amazon didn't drop it to $20 yet (and still haven't). The drop to $20 gave it a pretty large boost to near 8k which was more then it did on It's second week. It's a pretty fun game and worth $20 but not much more.
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limelight022 posted 28/01/2010, 08:48
Its now $19.99 at best buy and gamestop brand new.
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MonstaMack posted 05/11/2009, 11:25
Down to $30 in the US. $10 more or so to go!
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Boneitis posted 23/10/2009, 04:27
I finally got a hold of this game and it wasn't bad. I definitely preferred Raiden Fighter Aces though.
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Boneitis posted 18/10/2009, 12:14
Raiden Fighter Aces was awesome but I wasn't crazy about Raiden 3. I wish Gamefly would send this to me already. Its been #1 on my list for weeks.
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MonstaMack posted 01/10/2009, 10:49
I'll add is to my wishlist. I want to get it but theres no way I'm paying more then $20 for this.
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