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03/14/06 Sony Computer Entertainment
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09/29/06 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror - Summary

Syphon Filter:  Dark Mirror stars protaganist Gabe Logan, member of IPCA.  IPCA is trying to capture the leader of Red Section, Singularity, to stop thier plot to attack the KemSynth Pertroleum refinery.  Gabe Logan and his partner Lian Xing are sent to KemSynth to stop Red Section, but face many obstacles.

This game takes place around the world with Gabe traveling to Bosnia, Kalinigrad, and Poland, among other places.  You also take control of Lian Xing during certain sections of the game.  This is a third person Action/shooter game that combines stealth action and shooting perfectly.  The game also has a robust multiplayer game mode, playable over Ad-hoc and infrastructure (online) up to eight players.  Players rank up and learn new moves, and gain access to new weapons as they increase their skills.

Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 16,944 n/a 2,990 19,934
2 n/a 12,437 n/a 2,195 14,632
3 n/a 9,793 n/a 1,728 11,521
4 n/a 8,716 n/a 1,538 10,254
5 n/a 7,131 n/a 1,258 8,389
6 n/a 6,124 n/a 1,081 7,205
7 n/a 6,044 n/a 1,067 7,111
8 n/a 5,085 n/a 897 5,982
9 n/a 4,660 n/a 822 5,482
10 n/a 3,738 n/a 658 4,396

Opinion (10)

d21lewis posted 31/03/2010, 06:10
Downloading it, now. I saw a youtube video of it and it looked great! It's only $15, too!
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AdventWolf posted 31/03/2009, 01:00
Because most people probably downloaded the game.
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Kantor posted 23/11/2008, 11:38
Awesome game. Why did it sell so badly?
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outlawauron posted 18/05/2008, 12:11
@ Fila

Actually, it has to ship 300k to make greatest hits.
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FilaBrasileiro posted 12/10/2007, 04:42
This game is a Greatest Hits which mean it would have sold at least 250k units....
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Globox82 posted 18/09/2007, 05:10
It probalby wasnt released in Japan or we would be having Jap numbers. But yeah no EU numbers, which is standard when it comes to PSP games.
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