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07/16/21 Nintendo
07/16/21 Nintendo
07/16/21 Nintendo

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Weakest of the 3D Zeldas

02nd Apr 2023 | 453 views 


User Score

Presentation - 8.0
Gameplay - 4.0
Value - 6.0
Repetitive, bad pacing, non-ideal controls, cumbersome overall

Insane amount of repetition and padding in this game! There are only three land areas (forest, desert, volcano) and you have to revisit them several times. They also are not open like in previous titles but confined areas and almost like dungeons itself by being full of puzzles needed to solve to simply traverse them. You also have to beat bosses several times, two main bosses three times even! Lots of fetch quests to „prove yourself worthy“ in the end game section ruin the story flow completely. The only thing I really enjoyed was the art style, the characters and some of the music is just wonderful (in other areas the music falls really flat tho, so overall it’s only mixed). Some of the dungeons I found really fun, but others really uninspired and in parts very annoying design, but I guess dungeons are more on the upside in this game. Not even going into the controls… They work okay on Switch with gamepad, but still sloppy and unprecise. I was thinking in the last third of the game how much I wanted to quit it and how much I hated this game. The only reason I forced myself to finish was so I can be done with it once and for all. I never want to play this game again ever! Played thru Twilight Princess several times, same with Ocarina. And spent over 400 hrs in Breath of the Wild. These are much more worth the time titles than Skyward Sword.

Shipping Total

3,910,000 Units
As of: March 31st, 2022

Opinion (2)

Kakadu18 posted 24/05/2022, 11:02
Too bad it doesn't have good legs.
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ShadowLink93 posted 25/12/2021, 08:09
Seems to have fallen off a cliff in the last couple of months, I'd be surprised if it sells more than 0.75m in Q3.
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