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Gensō Suikoden V



Hudson Soft



Release Dates

03/21/06 Konami
02/23/06 Konami
09/22/06 Konami

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Suikoden V - Summary


Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Suikoden with an all-new role-playing adventure filled with mystery and suspense. In the land of Falena, a prosperous and beautiful country governed by the matriarchy and the benevolent power of the Sun Rune, civil unrest arises and the queen is forced to use the Sun Rune to quell the uprising, but at what cost? Journey as the prince in an expansive quest uncovering the mysteries surrounding the Sun Rune, the civil unrest and the dark intent of an unknown power in the greatest Suikoden saga yet!

  • Longest Suikoden storyline ever with fully voiced-over cut scenes, multiple endings, storyline branches and unimaginable plot twists
  • Uncover the 108 Stars of Destiny to build up and customize a home base
  • Tactical Formation System allows for more than 20 strategic formations in battle
  • Take 6 member parties into battle with over 60 playable characters for millions of party combinations
  • Strategic map battles with hundreds of troops in huge army skirmishes
  • Completely customize your characters with a new skill system, weapon enhancement system and hundreds of unique equipment items

IGN awarded Suikoden V with the following awards for 2006:
Best PS2 Story - WINNER
Best PS2 RPG - Runner up
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Opinion (13)

think-man posted 30/01/2012, 12:57
Way better than suikoden 4 but not better than 2
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Yamaneko22 posted 14/01/2011, 06:07
This game deserves way more sales than that...
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DarkFury posted 05/10/2009, 06:09
My favorite of the series.
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9900zero posted 27/05/2009, 06:52
This is the only Suikoden from the original series so far that I didn't enjoy at all. Inconsistencies, bland characters, and forced-in events trying to emulate previous Suikoden games totally ruined this for me.
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Aiemond posted 10/04/2009, 07:22
This and II are the best in the series
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bugrimmar posted 18/03/2009, 05:24
I wonder how much this sold with western sales..
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