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05/05/08 Nintendo
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05/30/08 Deep Silver

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Summary courtesy of Nintendo.com

Choose from more than a thousand crossword puzzles or hone your word skills with Wordsearch or Anagrams. No matter which type of puzzle you choose, you can easily save your progress at any time and return later to finish. Crosswords DS is designed for all players—just select your difficulty level and start off with a basic four-by-four puzzle. As you progress, the game will increase in difficulty and puzzle size. Use the DS stylus like a pencil to write or circle your answers on the touch-control screen. Erasing mistakes is as simple as writing the new answer over the old one. A hint system is also included in case you need some friendly assistance.



  • Puzzles are designed for stress-free completion and are broken into three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard—plus an unlockable fourth level.
  • Unlike paper puzzles, Crosswords DS can offer help if you get stuck. By simply touching the hint button above the puzzle, players can choose to receive another clue, fill in an unknown letter or even reveal the entire word.
  • To input a letter, simply touch a square on the screen and write the answer just as you would in a paper puzzle. If you make a mistake, simply write the new letter over the old one—no more messy eraser bits.


Wordsearch and Anagrams:


  • Wordsearch is just like the classic word searches you played as a kid. Use the DS stylus like a pencil to circle words hidden in a letter-filled screen. The more difficult the puzzle, the larger the block of letters you'll need to scan.
  • In Anagrams, players are given six random letters that must be arranged to spell out three-, four-, five- or six-letter words. Even if you don't identify every suitable combination, you only need to find a majority of possible words to move on to the next level.


Crosswords DS puts more than 1,000 Crosswords in the palm of your hands, as well as offer more than 200 Wordsearch puzzles. Additionaly, you can turn to Anagrams and construct almost endless combinations of words from a handful of letters.

MSRP: $19.99

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Strategyking92 posted 07/06/2008, 04:52
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Diglet posted 14/05/2008, 09:22
WOOT! Great sales (for a crosswords game)
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DonWii posted 11/05/2008, 02:38
Love It. Best puzzle value purchase since Picross DS.
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