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5200, Arc, GB, GG, Int, NES, VC, XBL

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03/01/82 Atari
01/01/83 Atari
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Pac-Man - Summary

Move Pac-Man through the maze, avoiding ghosts and eating all the Pac-Dots. Beware, each of the ghosts behave differently.

When Pac-Man chomps a Power Pellet, he becomes invincible and is able to eat the blue ghosts.

The more ghosts Pac-Man eats in a row, the higher the score. Don't forget to eat the bonus fruit too. Released in 1980, Pac-Man is the most well-known video game on Earth and is also commonly acknowledged as one of the most successful coin-operated games in history.

Enjoy this masterpiece of gaming history today.



Shipping Total

7,700,000 Units

Opinion (3)

No9tro posted 05/09/2018, 07:06
HOW did this happen?
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nugget posted 11/10/2014, 04:38
Probably the worst version of Pac-Man sold the most units of any other Pac-Man!! I know it's the worst version!!:)
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Erik Aston posted 20/04/2008, 10:42
FYI, this game is said to have sold 7 million copies for 2600 alone.
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