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05/12/08 XGenStudios
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08/01/08 XGenStudios

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Defend your Castle places you on a grassy plain with invaders attacking you from the west. As the enemy gets closer, you take your God-like hand, grab the helpless little men, and throw them mercilessly into the air. Every stage gets harder and harder, as the enemy becomes faster, stronger, and more plentiful. But after every stage, you are given time to purchase upgrades and fortify your castle.

For those of you who have already played the game, you are probably thinking, “oh, I’m not going to buy this because I can play it for free!” But the WiiWare version of Defend your Castle is completely revamped with updated graphics, mechanics, and new Wii-specific upgrades. The Wii version also offers 4-player cooperative gameplay and new game modes such as “King of the Castle,” where the player with the highest score at the end of the level is crowned king, and is given the opportunity to upgrade the castle, cast spells, or train units.

The 4-player mode also features a unique jump-in/jump-out style of gameplay with dynamic difficulty adjustments. Xgen explains that if you’re playing Defend your Castle by yourself while waiting for some friends to show up, anyone can pick the Wii Remote up as they arrive and start playing. If you have to get the door, all you have to do is lay the Wii-mote on your coffee table and the game will detect one less player and automatically adjust. (Awesome!)

The Wii version even takes advantage of the Wii Remote by using the accelerometer in Nintendo’s unique controller. The game will be able to detect how far you threw the enemy by tracking your wrist-flicking speed which, according to Xgen, “feels much more intuitive.”

The Wii version of Defend your Castle is definitely not the gimpy little port that it could have been. Instead, Xgen took it to the next level by creating an updated and awesome looking game for WiiWare. The minigame comes at a bargain too, with a price of only 500 Wii Points! We can all expect to see Defend your Castle soon after WiiWare’s launch in May. But until then, take a look at the video below and keep checking back at MyWiiNews for more info on the latest Wii news!

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SJGohan3972 posted 28/04/2009, 11:27
They just released an iPhone port of this version, plays well on the iPhone too, god I love Defend Your Castle - an all around great little game.
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Sherlock99 posted 06/04/2009, 06:29
not bad for only 500 points
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vonboy posted 10/03/2009, 10:37
no, you can still have your trigger finger intact around level 100 if you plan things right. you want about even stocks of archers mages and stonemasons, and you want to avoid using suicide bombers as much as possible. also convert whenever you have a chance. believe me, the game is A LOT easier when you have about 1000 of everything . even at level 100, they are pushovers. i havn't tried to get higher yet, or tried heroic either. maybe i'll get a chance to in a few days.
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sennaho posted 26/10/2008, 11:07
This game rocks! I just got my wii couple of days ago! Got the internet to work today, and bought it! I always loved the web-based version, but this one is even better! And the multiplayer rocks! @famous did you get to level 102 by yourself or in multiplayer?
Message | Report
Finnbar posted 28/07/2008, 03:37
@ famous
IS your thumb this intact? lvl 102 insane!
Message | Report
noname2200 posted 04/07/2008, 05:31
Level 102? Holy crap! We can barely get to 60...
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