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06/23/09 Sega
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07/10/09 Sega

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A generic Halo with Amazing controls

28th Jun 2009 | 1,614 views 


User Score

Presentation - 6.5
Gameplay - 6.0
Value - 6.5
After playing thru the single player and multiplayer, I can say that this game is not what I thought it was going to be. It is definitely a Halo wannabe.

A great number of people have been raving about this game. IGN even says its the best FPS on the Wii. I disagree.


In single player the story is very sterile. Its not very exciting. I wont say that the story is dumb because it is pretty much like any other FPS storyline. It just lacks the cinematic treatment that most HD games (even COD WAW Wii) have. Overall its very linear with not side missions or anything of the kind to break up the A to B missions. Storytelling done mostly with dialogue and cutscenes are not the problem. Its the lack of polish and quality.

Visual Style/Graphics

If you are reading this and are a huge fan of the Conduit you probably hate me by now. Well you havent read what I think of the graphics and art style so you are gonna hate me more.

Graphically the visual juice seems to have been put into 2 things: Characters and SFX. There is some normal maps, specular maps and lightmaps on the characters which help them look good. Not great. Aliasing (the jaggies along geometry edges and seams of geometry) is hurtful to the eyes. It is almost as bad as Quantom of Solace for Wii. Almost. The SFX like particles and screen space effects (blur, color correction) look to be good technology. Environments are some of the worst I have seen on Wii. Low poly models stand out. Generic textures that seem to have been tiled infinitely. Often there are white seams in dark rooms and polygons that flicker. Sky domes are horribly proportioned to the extent that they dont allow any parallax.

Visual Style is what is lacking for sure in Conduit. Overall it feels like a hodge podge of Metroid Prime Corruption 3 and Perfect Dark and Halo. None of the levels are anything that captures your imagination or emerses you in the world. They feel like quickly done generic locations. The lighting is very basic. It is even different when you look at the characters and the environments. The characters never feel like they are grounded in the world. Sometimes they have blue or green fill lights when they are in a grey exterior location. Character design is a mixed bag. The aliens have a highly Fantasy look whereas the human characters look more Sci Fi.

Controls are BUTTER WRAPPED IN BACON. That is to say they are very customizable. I can adjust the setting of my camera to insane levels or more rock solid levels. Allowing the player to map commands to any button/motion is what all games should do from here on out. PC games have been doing it for a while, why arent console games doing it?


Singleplayer is VERY linear and is nothing more than killing the same enemy over and over. The ASE is highly underutilized as it is an element which adds a bit of exporation to the game. Level design is very simple. There isnt a great deal of height to any levels. Meaning most of the action takes place on one ground plane. Each mission adds a slight variation to change up the gameplay and every now and then some kind of boss. These bosses arent more complex in how you kill them as I just use bigger more powerful guns to kill them. That and grenades. It seems as though the designers wanted to make the bosses similar to MP3's in that there are a series of steps you need to go through in order to weaken the boss before you can kill them. Again, this was not done in such a way that I felt very gratified when I killed a boss. Not like in MP3 that is for sure.

Multiplayer. So multiplayer is ok. I have to be honest that I have never been a fan of Halo but understand that there are tons of people that do. The levels are all over the board in terms of simplistic, non-engaging design to sprawling giant halls with no real interesting choke points. Lag is a big issue and so are bugs. The Drudge and Trust guns feel like you are shooting balls of light. Never do any of the guns feel accurate or can I tell exactly where my bullet is hitting. In COD WAW Wii, I know exactly where my bullet has hit. The menu system for MP is very hard to understand. Ranking seems thrown in. There really are no upgrades to weapons or class upgrades or reward for kill streaks. COD WAW Wii really set the standard with these things and Conduit has nothing like it.

In Closing let me just say that I was really looking forward to Conduit. But I am not going to just accept anything on the Wii as a good game. Wii owners need to be more critical of games to ensure quality titles come and not unfinished, incomplete games. Anyone who thinks the game is on the level with other FPS games such as Gears, Call of Duty or Halo need to play those games again and really pay attention to everything those games do. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE CONTROLS ON CONDUIT. Its just a shame that the game itself is very very basic. Many will disagree with my opinion. And that is expected. Not everyone likes everything. Hopefully High Voltage has learned from Conduit and makes all the changes to make Conduit 2 a contender to some of the best FPS games out there.

As for me.....its back to COD WAW Wii. God I love that game.

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270,000 Units
As of: September 30th, 2009

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supernihilist posted 23/01/2014, 05:54
i think its a lil bit overtracked... number should be more like 500k flat
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DieAppleDie posted 12/11/2012, 03:08
i absolutely liked moar this game, despite its inferior grafix over the secuel
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 09/01/2012, 10:34
there used to be hardcore on Wii in 2007 bu they moved away and are still moving because 3rd parties ony put their hardcore games on Ps3/Xbox360, also many people pirate hardcore games on Wii which certainly deosn't help
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Fededx posted 28/08/2011, 05:01
I enjoeyd the game a lot, I usually don't play FPS, but on Wii I find them more fun and easier to play. It's a good game, and it sold ok, and I'm glad it did. Hope it generated some earnings to SEGA and HVS :)
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spurgeonryan posted 24/06/2011, 07:45
I guess that they were not, oh well you can add my buy to it.
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spurgeonryan posted 22/06/2011, 09:27
Should have a boost this week if sales were country wide!
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