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06/05/06 Nintendo
06/30/05 Nintendo
07/07/06 Nintendo

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Big Brain Academy - Summary

The second title in Nintendo's series of brain games, Big Brain Academy trains your brain with a course load of mind-bending activities across five categories: think, memorize, analyze, compute, and identify!

When you begin, you'll be challenged in an exciting test of lightning-fast activities to determine your "brain weight", areas of strength and weakness, and which occupation or famous personality best compares to your weight score. The faster you complete the activities the "heavier" your brain!

After the test, hit the homeroom and choose between three classes: Practice, Test, and Versus. Each one is designed to help you increase the weight of your mighty brain and, most of all, have a great time!

Practice mode lets you work on activities at your own pace. Use it to improve at the activities in Test mode that are giving you trouble, or to get even better at ones where you excel! Activities last only 60 seconds.

Test mode is always available when you want to try and increase your brain weight and show off that massive cranium!

Versus mode presents you and up to seven friends, using only one Game Card, with a riotous multiplayer competition. See who has the biggest brain, but burn through randomly chosen activities!

Play a demo of the game on Nintendo's Official Website 


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As of: December 2014

Opinion (9)

atma998 posted 31/12/2011, 12:09
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kleinanzeigen posted 10/12/2011, 04:10
Good game :D love it :)
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Skeeuk posted 01/01/2010, 12:31
rubbish traded in, its not even the full game like the wii version
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wiilicious posted 23/12/2009, 02:36
trhis game is great but like others said we need a sequel to the DS version.
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johnlucas posted 20/01/2009, 04:38
People don't give Big Brain Academy its due. I like how the game sucks you in with its seeming easiness but gives you a really hard example towards the end. This game has an arcade quality to it where you're trying to do as much as you can to build your score. But the increasing difficulty as you go through the problems is what presents the challenge. Nintendo's just that damn good at gamemaking. I'm constantly awed by that.
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pokemonfan_2611 posted 27/12/2008, 01:38
brain training is better
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