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10/25/05 Namco
11/23/05 Namco
11/18/05 Namco

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1,426,000 Units
As of: March 31st, 2007

Opinion (7)

STRYKIE posted 04/12/2013, 09:14
Not gonna lie, the only thing that kept me intrigued by this one was the roster, it felt good to have Hwang, Li-Long and Rock back.

Mechanically speaking, SC2 was a better game, but Jesus was the roster bland, don't let the Nintendo apologists tell you otherwise.
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 27/02/2011, 10:24
for me, this and Soul Blade are the best of the series
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nen-suer posted 25/05/2009, 09:50
Soul Blade pwns ALL
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CaptainDJ posted 01/04/2009, 11:22
I Kinda liked this one better then the PS360 versions. Those got boring a lot faster.
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thetonestarr posted 27/03/2009, 10:43
Personally, I think it goes SC2 (GCN, preferably, but the other two are awesome too), SCIV (360/PS3), SCIII (PS2), SC (DC version, preferrably), SB (PS1... I can barely play this game to be honest).

Anyhow, I finally bought SCIII. Now I only need to buy Soul Blade and I actually OWN all games in the series! Mwahaha!
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zexen_lowe posted 17/03/2009, 08:50
No, it doesn't. Best fighter ever, I love this game
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