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08/13/07 Nintendo
03/04/08 Nintendo
07/20/07 Nintendo

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Metroid - Summary

The Virtual Console release of the first game in the popular Metroid-series. A non-linear platform shooter combined with an action adventure game. If you count the selection of wheter or not to keep the ice-beam, or exchange it for the wave-beam as an RP-moment, then yes, that too.

 You control the female bounty-hunter Samus Aran in her cybernetic armor, given to her by the Chozo. The objective of the game is to eliminate the Mother Brain and then escape the planet that the adventure takes place. To do this, you must find and gather power-ups that are required to reach new areas and places on a map, that for it's time was huge.

One of the first games to use a password system; the mere presence of such a thing indicated that this game was not ment to be played in one sitting. However, the password system was not in the original version, released for the Famicom Disk System, which had three-save-slots, comparable to most Zelda games, but was instated in the NES release along with the armorless version of Samus. Aran was also one of the first female main-characters in a video game and many people were surprised upon realizing that Samus did, indeed, sport another X-chromosome.

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Opinion (8)

Soma posted 30/12/2008, 08:21
My Santa just gave me this! It's awesome!
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Soriku posted 02/12/2008, 12:39
Awesome game.
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famousringo posted 15/08/2008, 10:45
That's an awesome amount of Metroid, Meow. High five!
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MeowTheMouse posted 30/07/2008, 03:27
or maybe 7 ? lol too tired to count :3
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MeowTheMouse posted 30/07/2008, 03:26
what if u own both the real deal and the vc and the one on the metroid prime on the game cube and the one on the GBA and the other one on the GBA which comes with zero mission ?
wow.. i just relised i own 6 versions of metroid ! o.o coowl !
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superchunk posted 18/04/2008, 11:44
because now i have to go and delete all my games in my profile and add the vc version of the same damn game. Seems like a bunch of repeated information for no reason.
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