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03/14/05 Nintendo
12/02/04 Nintendo
03/11/05 Nintendo

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Faster than a speeding Latios, here comes Pikachu! The Pokémon Dash Grand Prix is taking place across the Pokémon Islands, and there’s one yellow Pokémon determined to take the top prize! 

In Pokémon Dash, you use the Touch Screen to propel your Pokémon toward the finish line. Simply use the stylus to rub the screen in the direction you want Pikachu to move. When you rub the screen more frantically, Pikachu will tear across the level with that much more zip.

The race takes place from an overhead viewpoint, with a series of circuits that run across forests and dunes. You’ll need to master these tracks and find the winning edge against crafty rival Pokémon. The races are made up of various different checkpoints. You’ll follow the Dash Radar on the top screen in order to send Pikachu to victory on the bottom screen. With a range of environments that affect your progress, such as Swamp, Icy and Sandy areas, you’ll need to watch your step. Sand slows you down, while ice tends to be slippery.

You’ll race in five different Cups, each with five different courses. You can also gain entry to a host of brand new tracks in the shape of Pokémon you’ve collected in your Game Boy Advance Pokémon games! Just place either the Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire or Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen Game Paks into the GBA slot on the DS, and the data stored on those Paks allows you to create a brand new Cup where you can hone your Dash to devastating effect.

With a multiplayer mode that lets up to six players race wirelessly, Pokémon Dash is a blast - whether you’re playing chums or just racing against in-game opponents!

  • Guide Pikachu to the finish line just by rubbing your stylus on the Touch Screen in a series of frantic races over all kinds of terrains.
  • Race against up to five friends wirelessly and prove your supremacy on the track.
  • Compete in five different cups, each with five different courses.
Source - www.Nintendo.com

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Opinion (5)

TheConduit posted 10/04/2011, 12:24
Better than Pokemon channel and that's it
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Strategyking92 posted 07/03/2009, 07:47
One of the worst decisions to use the Pokemon name.
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Untouch posted 12/10/2008, 08:22
wtf is this
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Phoenix_Wiight posted 30/08/2008, 06:39
wow, someone other than me owns this game! i've been tempted to sell it many times, but I'm keeping it just to say i'm one of the only ppl that have it
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Strategyking92 posted 14/06/2008, 04:55
I am ashamed to own this.
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