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11/29/07 Sony Online Entertainment
02/26/09 Sony Computer Entertainment
03/20/08 Sony Computer Entertainment

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PAIN™ boldly tackles a rarely explored area of video-gaming… comedy. The unique mechanic of the game allows the player to load a character into a human-sized, ultra-powerful slingshot, and fire the character into an active, physics-controlled environment, filled with precarious and humorous situations. Players receive points by stringing together painful collisions and inducing chaos in the environment.


  • Multiple playable characters each with a very unique personality and attributes as well as character specific in-flight poses.
  • Plenty of ways to play in both Single and Multiplayer, including modes like Spank the Monkey, Mime Toss, PAIN Bowling, Fun With Explosives, and even more to come in future releases.
  • Relive every cringe-worthy smash and crash with the replay system in PAIN™. Use the free camera to get the best angle on your best ouchies.
  • Unique physics model created on Havok powered events, allow for amazing ragdoll animations, while ensuring that duplicating incidents is almost impossible. Keeping gameplay fresh over and over no matter how many times a player is launched into the same environment.
  • Robust online community feature set lets you compete with other players around the world on Global Leaderboards, track your friend's scores, and connect to the upcoming PAIN™ website, where you can participate in polls, get developer updates, and provide feedback to make for a more PAINful experience in future expansions.

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krimoz911 posted 30/01/2010, 10:23
I got this game for free (shared it with a friend who bought the 160 GB ps3). It gets old fast, and the trophies are horrible.
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yusuke93_ita posted 18/05/2009, 02:27
this was my first PSN game
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west-phoenix-az posted 30/04/2009, 06:50
I live in AZ and play in the evening. If you play and have a headset send me a PSN friend invite.
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kersed3 posted 06/04/2009, 02:48
Sony announced this is the highest selling PSN game of all time (including drakes fortune bundle)... I havent played it, so i cant comment anything else about it
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headshot91 posted 29/03/2009, 01:36
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Aj_habfan posted 06/03/2009, 04:38
What a joke, you have to pay for the girls with the huge tits.
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