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02/28/08 Namco Bandai
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mrstickball posted 03/07/2008, 06:19
Oemenia -

You need to remember, IdolM@ster was very, very succuessful. It sold ~100k before this one came out, and made an extra $2.9m+ from DLC. That's huge!

Live 4 You has actually sold well over 70,000 copies already, and should surpass the previous one...So Namco is having some succuess in Japan.
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Oemenia posted 31/05/2008, 09:44
Its nice that Namco are supporting the 360, but why exactly again? Its really sad the 360 in Japan doesnt sell, Famitsu reviews showed that it was the console with the best library for 07, i think Japanese gamers really owe it to themselves, because theres plenty of games on their that perfectly fit their taste.

Regardless, that 600k userbase in Japan is making a bigger and bigger impact on software sales, if MS continue to support them and get the base to a million or so, Japanese developers will have a VERY good reason to develope for the console. Heck, Squaresoft would easily get an easy 200k or so from porting FF13 to the 360, and thats JUST in Japan
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fred posted 13/03/2008, 12:52
Good job MS...
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kevinay posted 07/03/2008, 07:38
@patjuan32: i didn't mean all westerners will not like im@s... i meant the majority of westerners out there (who, for example, bought 360 for FPS games)... this game actually might appeal to people who either likes japanese anime and japanese songs, casual gamers, or female gamers. and if you search through some im@s forums, you'll see that many people really wants a US release for this game.

hm... the sims superstars kind of look similar but the actual gameplay is really really different (i can't describe it, but if you've played both games, you'll know what I mean...)...

by the way this game is so awesome (the original im@s made me buy a 360 XD) they even have im@s skins for Ace Combat 6 (X360) fighter jets and Family Ski (Wii, NA: We Ski) skis...
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patjuan32 posted 07/03/2008, 05:26
kevinay says:

I disagree with you on your suggestion that western gamers will not like Idolm@ster. Maybe not Xbox 360 gamers but DS gamers which include a lot females would love a game like this. Female Wii gamers and males as well could get into this game. by the reading of your synopsis, Idolmm@ster sounds like a Sim game like EA Sims Superstar.

Sims Superstar Synopsis:

* Develop the required skills for all-new entertainment career tracks - try your luck in the worlds of film, music, and fashion
* Meet all the somebodies and nobodies and network with the right people, to be seen and get ahead
* Build up your fame rating -- get in the public eye and stay there, or else your star will wane
* Jump on stage and sing karaoke to start building your local fame
* Once you start to make it, treat yourself with the perks of celebrity life -- swimming pools, massive living rooms satellite dishes that provide all-new TV channels and more

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Strategyking92 posted 07/03/2008, 12:35
it doesn't say 360 exclusive..
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