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Dungeon Explorer

Dungeon Explorer: Jashin no Ryouiki


Hudson Soft



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02/19/08 Hudson Entertainment
11/15/07 Hudson Soft
04/04/08 Rising Star

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Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts - Summary

Train, Battle, & Slay the Demon Lord

Embark on a journey to rediscover and learn the lost Ancient Fighting Arts of Westoria Kingdom, a land plagued by a legion of undead and monstrous soldiers and ruled by a nefarious Demon Lord. Legend foretells a hero who will rise up and wield the powers of the lost Fighting Arts to destroy the bringer of death, restoring peace to a once beautiful and great kingdom.

• Over 60 different fighting styles – Become a balanced warrior and study techniques from 8 lost ancient Fighting Art schools or become a specialist and dedicate your focus to one of the lost Fighting Arts.

• Epic Battles – Wage battles against legions of different creatures, including undead soldiers, mutated monsters, and even an army of ancient automatons brought to life by dark magic.

• Choose your Hero – 3 Races and 3 Classes to choose from, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

• Epic Journey – Uncover the conspiracy to release the Demon Lord from his sealed prison.

• Choose your Weapon – Choose from hundreds of different types of weapons, armor, and equipment and upgrade them as you progress through your adventure.

• Epic Multiplayer Adventure – Battle the Demon Lord’s minions alone or join forces with up to 2 other friends via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.


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1 n/a 6,053 n/a 1,068 7,121
2 n/a 2,536 n/a 448 2,984
3 n/a 1,642 n/a 290 1,932
4 n/a 1,056 n/a 186 1,242
5 n/a 890 n/a 157 1,047
6 n/a 817 n/a 144 961
7 n/a 670 n/a 118 788
8 n/a 697 n/a 123 820
9 n/a 568 n/a 100 668
10 n/a 513 n/a 89 602

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