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03/04/08 Sony Computer Entertainment
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Already widely considered the most authentic baseball game available, MLB® 08 The Show™ is set to provide fans with the most realistic baseball experience to date with innovations such as a more immersive Road to The Show mode, enabling gamers to play both offense and defense from the created player’s perspective.

Providing players with some additional performance incentives, the MLB® franchise introduces the new Progressive Batting Performance feature, which will both reward players for superior performance and penalize them for hitting slumps. Specific to each individual batter, players will be rewarded with slight contact bonuses, or punished with slight decreases in contact, based on how that batter that performs beyond his "natural ability" while under user control.

Adding to the online feature set, which includes customizable Online League Play with up to 30 teams, scrolling MLB® Score Ticker and more, MLB® 08 The Show™ introduces SCOUT (SportsConnect Online User Tracking), which allows gamers to set and store their game preferences on the MLB® server, and enables the system to look for a Quick Match with opponents that fits similar competitive criteria.



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NanakiXI posted 11/03/2009, 06:44

On the PS3 yes you would be a fool to buy 2k8. But 360 people only have 2k9. Great sales for baseball exclusive and MLB 09 will be better and sell more and possibly reach 1mil! But more likely 800k+.
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typicalgamer posted 05/03/2009, 12:55
no sales except in usa??? WTF??
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erodrig85 posted 27/12/2008, 06:52
love this game best sports baseball game on PS3 and it surpasses that of horrific 2k8 baseball Sim which had terrible bugs but this game stands out as a great Sony title i hope it hits a million
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FPSrules posted 19/11/2008, 01:33
yeh this game owns mlb 2k8. if you buy mlb 2k8 instead of the show someone needs to smack some sense in you

mlb 2k8 was so terrible that 2k fired the ppl that made the game. and MLB 08 the show according to EPSN the best baseball game ever
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MontanaHatchet posted 21/09/2008, 03:45
This is an incredibly western game. It would not do well at all in Japan. Seriously, there are already popular baseball series in Japan like Power Pro and I doubt this would be very popular. As for Latin America, at least I learned something new.
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FilaBrasileiro posted 16/09/2008, 08:26
Sony should've released this game in Japan/Asia and Latin baseball game available and those countries are crazy about baseball.
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