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Digimon Championship






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08/26/08 Namco Bandai
02/14/08 Namco Bandai
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A legendary Digimon tournament has just been announced!  As a new Digimon Tamer, explore the Digital World to hunt down and capture the strongest Digimon in the wild!  Raise Digimon in a variety of ways, training them in different skills, Digivolve them and prepare them for over 50 competitions.  Assemble the ultimate Digimon squad for team battles or go one-on-one in your journey to win the Digimon World® Championship!


  • A NEW KIND OF DIGIMON GAME:  Digimon World Championship features hunting, tactical training, and intense title matches in a first for the popular Digimon World series!

  • HUNT WILD DIGIMON:  Experience the thrill of the hunt and pursue wild Digimon in the vast Digital World.  Capture the wild Digimon with weapons, ingenious traps, and more.

  • REMEMBER YOUR TRAINING:  The way a Tamer trains and treats a Digimon will change the way the Digimon fights and acts.  Buy and utilize different training aids.  Teach your Digimon to be strong, or teach your Digimon to be defensive – it is up to you how to train them!  The training combinations are endless.
  • OVER 200 DIGIMON:  Digimon World Championship features over 200 Digimon, including returning favorites like Agumon and Gaomon, as well as some new Digimon. 

  • A MASSIVE DIGITAL WORLD:  Some wild Digimon can be found only in certain environments.  Snowy mountains, sandy deserts, and lush jungles abound.  As the day changes to night, different Digimon appear.  Check back throughout the day to hunt the most elusive Digimon!
  • TAKE ON RIVAL TAMERS: Challenge friends to battle over Wireless Communication or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. 

Source: Namco-Bandai Website

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