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スプリンターセル コンヴィクション


Ubisoft Montreal



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DS, PC, All

Release Dates

04/13/10 Ubisoft
04/28/10 Ubisoft
04/16/10 Ubisoft

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Coming exclusively to Xbox 360®, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction is the highly anticipated sequel in the multimillion-selling Splinter Cell series and one of the most critically acclaimed Xbox franchises of all time.

An investigation into his daughter's death unwittingly leads former agent Sam Fisher to discover he's been betrayed by his former agency, the Third Echelon. Now a renegade, Fisher finds himself in a race against time to thwart a deadly terrorist plot that threatens millions.

Uniting revolutionary gameplay enhancements with a high-octane, no-holds-barred storyline, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction arms you to the teeth with all the high-tech weaponry and lethal skills of an elite operative and invites you to enter a dangerous world where justice means making your own rules.

  • New level of action: A full arsenal of cutting-edge innovations allow you to outflank foes with the Last Known Position™ system, tag and eliminate enemies using the Mark and Execute™ feature, and much more.
  • Blockbuster experience: A unique storytelling style keeps you on the edge of your seat as you navigate the explosive world of a renegade agent where trust is impossible and justice requires you to go above the law.
  • A new level of immersion: A revolutionary new graphic direction delivers an utterly seamless gameplay experience that'll keep you totally engrossed in the story of Sam Fisher.
  • Explosive Xbox LIVE play: Brand-new addictive multiplayer modes amp up the dramatic intensity like never before.

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 319,028 149,633 80,658 549,319
2 n/a 83,739 79,897 27,783 191,419
3 17,633 58,479 46,766 17,933 140,811
4 4,082 38,934 28,545 11,518 83,079
5 1,835 22,581 15,880 6,570 46,866
6 1,081 15,193 11,109 4,489 31,872
7 1,048 12,785 14,892 4,680 33,405
8 876 11,666 16,543 4,752 33,837
9 715 10,658 8,433 3,254 23,060
10 767 9,363 5,636 2,569 18,335

Opinion (92)

Mr Puggsly posted 15/01/2013, 06:45
This sold just over 100K in 2012. It'll inch its way to 2 million.
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Metroid33slayer posted 14/01/2012, 07:03
The best stealth game ever. May not have the cinematics of mgs4 but destroys it in the gameplay department.
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goldeneye0065r posted 03/01/2012, 05:01
i got 225 360 games-arcade/indie included and never beat these two
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yo_john117 posted 24/09/2011, 08:45
I gotta finish this game sometime!
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slipknotfan posted 26/06/2011, 02:28
Funny beating the guy up in the bathroom!!!
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snakefisher posted 28/05/2011, 09:16
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