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10/24/05 Nintendo
01/19/06 Nintendo
06/22/07 Nintendo

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Metroid Prime Pinball - Summary

Collect hidden artifacts, find weapon upgrades, battle bosses, and play dozens of pinball mini-games as Samus shows how powerful her morphball ability can be. Tables based on classic Metroid Prime regions, including Phendrana Drifts and Magmoor Caverns provide challenge and intense action.

  • 8-player wireless game play using a single Game Card. Hit the drop targets to release Metroid enemies on your opponents' tables as they try to beat you to the top score.
  • Feel each shake and bump of the table through the special Rumble Pak (included) that plugs into the Game Boy Advance slot of your Nintendo DS.
  • Features over a dozen pinball-style game modes. Flip and bomb your way through the Triclops Terror, and even unleash the mighty Phazon Multiball.

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 6,471 n/a 1,142 7,613
2 n/a 5,464 n/a 964 6,428
3 n/a 4,456 n/a 786 5,242
4 n/a 4,111 n/a 725 4,836
5 n/a 4,473 n/a 789 5,262
6 n/a 5,079 n/a 896 5,975
7 n/a 6,326 n/a 1,116 7,442
8 n/a 7,481 n/a 1,320 8,801
9 n/a 8,465 n/a 1,494 9,959
10 n/a 2,588 n/a 457 3,045

Opinion (10)

spurgeonryan posted 11/06/2009, 09:01
Oh yeah , it came out over 4 years ago, plus it is missing others. It is def at about 500,000 or more
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johnlucas posted 20/01/2009, 04:39
Metroid + Pinball = Excellence. I'm surprised they hadn't done a game like this sooner.
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Kenryoku_Maxis posted 29/12/2008, 11:22
It is an interesting concept and its fun for a while, but it wasn't as good as it could have been. And certain ideas that are found in even some of the other good Nintendo produced Pinball games (Kirby's Pinball Land, Pokemon Pinball) didn't make it into this game. Not saying they had to, and this game definitely was trying to do something different, but it didn't do its original ideas as well as it should have.

But then, I might just be judging it too harshly as I'm a manic Pinball fan.
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MontanaHatchet posted 02/04/2008, 07:30
It's just so silly to have big serious Samus and then it's Pinball.
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The Ghost of RubangB posted 19/03/2008, 10:44
It's no Kirby's Pinball Land, but it's still totally awesome.
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Joemanji posted 24/12/2007, 05:20
Oh I see others isn't included yet. 500k should be a closer to reality by now.
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