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10/21/98 Konami
09/03/98 Konami
02/26/99 Konami

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Metal Gear Solid - Summary

Arguably the greatest game of all time, Metal Gear Solid redefines what a computer game can be. Boasting state of the art graphics, voice acting beyond the usual level seen in videogames and a stroyline that can easily sit alongside Hollywood action epics, the game is nothing short of revelatory.

Building on his successful series, Hideo Kojima has crafted a game that mixes 3rd person action with a new type of gameplay; stealth. Featuring brilliant artificial intelligence in its enemies, the game tasks you to break into a military base and stop a group of terrorists from firing a nuclear weapon from a launching platform known as Metal Gear Rex.

Our protaganist, codenamed Solid Snake, is a likeable hero, with a penchant for smoking ciagrettes and a talent with any type of military equipment. He needs every ounce of intelligence and strength as well, because he's going up against a team of heavily armed terrorists, not to mention their specialised fighting squad consisting of horrific creations including Psycho Mantis and Vulcan Raven.

If ever there was a game that could bridge the gulf between movies and videogames, this game has to be it. If ever a game deserved so much praise, this is it. If ever a game could show people what a games console is capable of, this is it.

And if ever there was hero we could count on, his name would be Solid Snake.


(Submitted by colonelstubbs)


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5,510,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2004

Opinion (52)

Machina posted 05/08/2023, 06:06
This figure does not include Integral version sales.

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eFKac posted 07/06/2013, 09:50
Can't add this game to my collection...! ;-(
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MrT-Tar posted 03/03/2011, 05:58
bloody awesome. I think that's the best way to describe this game
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StreaK posted 20/03/2010, 07:19
I think FFVII and FFVIII were the best games on PS1 but this is somewhere in the top 5 with others like Tekken 3 and Wipeout XL too.
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kowhoho posted 20/02/2010, 05:34
Got this on PSP now. Looks fantastic even now.
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SuperSteveyLes posted 16/11/2009, 12:56
The Cut scenes made it feel like a movie. Good stuff.
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