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Ryuusei no RockMan 2: Berserk x Shinobi / Dinosaur






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06/24/08 Capcom
11/22/07 Capcom
06/26/09 Capcom

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Mega Man Star Force™ returns, delivering totally upgraded and cutting-edge online communication and device customization technologies through a portable RPG adventure that is brought to life in the iconic, action-driven Mega Man way!

Mega Man Star Force™ 2 is available in two versions, Zerker X Ninja and Zerker X Saurian with players able to choose between Zerker, Ninja, or Saurian depending on which version they choose.

Developed by the team behind the popular MegaMan Battle Network™ series, Mega Man Star Force™ 2 continues two months after the previous game left off. Geo Stelar and crew return to battle a whole host of UMA’s (unidentified animated beings) and a new rival character appears named “Rogue.” Amidst this new conflict, a mysterious organization emerges with plans to revive the ancient civilization of “Mu” by utilizing the force of an ancient heritage “OOPArt.” It’s up to Geo and his virus-busting buddy, Omega-Xis, to thwart this latest threat.

Mega Man Star Force™ 2 blends a unique formula of RPG exploration elements with fast-paced action, as players travel and battle between coexisting worlds, the physical world and the virtual Wave World, to unravel the mystery around this new troublemaker. Players will encounter enemies in the virtual Wave World and battle them on three-by-five battle grids with their Battle Card deck. Mega Man Star Force™ 2 also adds an upgraded “Transer” system.

  • Two co-existing worlds – explore the real world in human form and transform into Mega Man to maneuver through the virtual “Wave World”
  • Each game version offers a unique powered-up transformation of Mega Man based on the respective elemental powers and can unleash spectacular special attacks.
  • The Zerker Tribe, available on both versions, was an ancient warrior clan that lived by the sword and gives Mega Man the power of Thunder
  • The Ninja Tribe ruled the ancient world with their swift and fearsome abilities. Joining them will transform Mega Man into the Wood Ninja with deadly throwing stars.
  • The Saurian Tribe harnessed the power of fire to transform Mega Man into the fierce Fire Saurian, roasting enemies with the powerful Dino Cannon.
  • Combinations of the different Tribes result in additional powers. Combine Zerker, Ninja, and Saurian tribes to unlock new abilities. Connecting with your friends allows you to trade abilities and combine all three tribes to become the ultimate warrior: Tribe King Mega Man
  • Each character has their own customizable Personal Page in the game where Battle Cards and information can be viewed and traded with friends to compare progress
  • Nintendo Wi-Fi connection or the Wireless LAN allows players to connect with in-game friends regardless of their location, add new friends to their network to create a “Brother Band” network, where they can share cards, status upgrades, and even help each other to perform, upgraded transformations.


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