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Bladestorm: Hyakunen Sensou

ブレードストーム 百年戦争


Omega Force



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PC, PS3, PS4, XBL, XOne

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11/06/07 KOEI
10/25/07 KOEI
11/02/07 KOEI

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Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War - Summary

In the 14th century, a quarrel over English succession to the French throne escalated into what history would call the Hundred Years' War. This ongoing war exhausted the armies of both sides and there was a growing dependence on mercenary soldiers.

In BLADESTORM™: The Hundred Years' War, take charge as a mercenary leader and contract your army to either side. Immerse yourself in ferocious battles where an innovative action style lets you defeat countless soldiers with a cleverly chosen attack command. Establish a reputation as a leader of men, build your war chest, and lure hardened warriors to your employ. Outwit and overwhelm your opponents with dominating force to be the last one standing when the dust settles on one of history’s greatest conflicts.

  • Lead a mercenary force: Immerse yourself in the role of a mercenary commander. Lead a broad array of troops from varied nations, including heavy infantry, longbowmen, cavalry, cannoniers, and castle siege specialists.
  • Experience real-time action: Control entire units in real-time. Issue offensive and defensive commands through an intuitive user-interface. Each soldier is independently animated and fights and reacts in a startlingly realistic and visceral manner.
  • Conquer armies on a grand scale: Clashes are widespread throughout varied terrain. Richly crafted battlegrounds span the breathtaking provinces of Southern France to coastal settlements along the English Channel.
  • Your fortune is limited only by your ambition:Establish a reputation as a formidable warrior and leader of men. Build your war chest and grow your army. The Free Mission system lets you contract your army to France or England. Achieve your mission objectives and more profitable battle contracts will be presented to you.
  • Engage in heavy metal thunder: Arm your battalion with over 400 weapons and items that shaped medieval war.

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