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Mystery Detective II

Osawari Tantei: Ozawa Rina - Season 2 1/2: Rina wa Mita! Iya, Mite nai

おさわり探偵 小沢里奈 シーズン2 1/2 ~里奈は見た!いや、見ӗ


BeeWorks Co., Ltd.



Release Dates

10/09/07 Atlus
05/24/07 Success
11/23/07 505 Games

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Boasting a longer, overarching storyline, more characters and locations to visit, and various game design enhancements, Touch Detective 2½ delivers in every way a sequel should. Fans of the original Touch Detective, fear not: the same humor and quirkiness that made the first adventure so memorable is back in full force for the sequel. Accepted into the Great Detective Society, Mackenzie has become a fully-accredited sleuth. Trouble is, people still do not take her seriously. All that changes when a string of strange thefts pulls her into a puzzling plot, and she'll have to use all of her skills and intuition to discover the motive behind the crimes and solve the mystery! The new plot develops over the course of 5 interrelated chapters, each playing off the one before. Over twice the locations to visit and all-new characters to compliment the returning cast from the original.Cromwell, Penelope, and even your trusty sidekick Funghi all make a return in Touch Detective 2½, and if you want to get to the bottom of the mystery, you will need their help. More unlockables: Solve side quests and complete an all-new Touch List and Investigation Report to gain access to new music and art.

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