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ロスト プラネット エクストリーム コンディション





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01/12/07 Capcom
12/21/06 Capcom
01/12/07 Capcom

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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Summary

Driven to the brink of extinction on ice-covered wastelands, humankind fights to survive. From extreme conditions and insurgent Snow Pirates to hostile gargantuan alien Akrid, all that you can trust are your instincts. Combining a gripping single player campaign and intense multiplayer modes with support for up to 16 players online, Lost Planet is an epic gaming masterpiece.



  • Enhanced DirectX 10 graphics
  • Intense multiplayer action
  • Command heavily armored Vital Suits
  • Battle hordes of colossal Akrid

Source - www.capcom.com (publisher)

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1,600,000 Units
As of: September 30th, 2018

Opinion (27)

thewastedyouth posted 04/11/2012, 03:17
Europe sales are missing, DA FUQ
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T.Rexington posted 01/04/2012, 01:50
Man, it seems like going multiplate hurt this series down the line.
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slipknotfan posted 26/06/2011, 03:34
Meh. Kids liked it.
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ioi posted 01/11/2009, 09:00
@Egghead - doesn't count platinum copies and special edition
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coolbeans posted 11/07/2009, 11:49
Good find Outlaw, although it does stink that Colonies Edition's MP lobby is seperate from this one (not positive though gonna test out with friend this weekend).
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outlawauron posted 23/06/2009, 09:15
Got this for $10 brand new today
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