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Jak x Daxter 2



Naughty Dog



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10/14/03 Sony Computer Entertainment
03/11/04 Sony Computer Entertainment
10/17/03 Sony Computer Entertainment

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In Jak II, experiments with Dark Eco gone wrong leave Jak with an uncontrollable dark side, and after two years in prison, Jak seeks vengeance. Accompanied by your trusty friend Daxter, unleash the dark powers on multiple enemies and witness amazing transformations. Armed with powerful weapons, a high-tech jetboard, an impenetrable mech suit, and a number of vehicles at your disposal, you have no excuse for failure.

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CarriedLawyer45 posted 08/05/2020, 02:39
One of the best PS2 games I have ever played.
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pokeclaudel posted 03/11/2011, 02:11
My favorite of the series too bad they never continued past Jak III. They could definately do a Jak and Daxter II or something
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freebs2 posted 17/08/2011, 04:29
I've never managed to like Uncharted very much, this is the best Naughty Dog game.
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Joel12345 posted 11/04/2010, 06:17
This game IMO was sooo LONNNNG but great the 3rd was short :/
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ShadowSoldier posted 02/10/2009, 01:44
Best of the series
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TT Makaveli posted 23/03/2009, 12:20
for me the best Jak and one of the best Jump N was totally was like a GTA Jump N Run...too great!
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